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Topic: Followup to "Aftermath of flooded kitchen" (6 msgs / 135 lines)
1) From: John Moody
I came across this device that valves off the water supply when the sensor
gets wet.  It has 1/4" guest fittings.  I'm thinking of getting one, has
anyone tried it?
Leak Controller for Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Coolers, Refrigerators,
Ice Makers and Coffee Machines.http://www.waterfiltersonline.com/detail.asp?product_id=leak-controller-LCS14
Same thing here as well.http://www.gamurdock.com/gam/out/BRANDS/Leak-controller-Instruments-Leak-Controllers.htm

2) From: john nanavati
nice one. thanks for the tip.
i just picked up a Vetrano and have been following your plight.
On 4/26/07, John Moody  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI
Plainfield, New Jersey

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Thanks for doing the research and great find. No haven't used one, yet. Now
that you brought them to our attention I seemed to recall hearing of such
devices back in my distant cobwebbed memories but never looked into them
since didn't then have the need and had forgotten about them! 
Excellent safety solution no remodeling required, likely easily placed so
out of sight too so esthetics not an issue.
Kudos. 111 CSA safety points.
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4) From: Mike Chester
This is an excellent idea.  I did not know these existed. THANK YOU!!!!
Mike Chester

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
Great find! way to go, John
Mike (just plain)

6) From: Mark J Bergh
Sorry, been negligent in keeping with the daily communications here!
I have been using these particular shut off devices in all my RO
installations. Perhaps 10 or so at this time.
They work very well and are reliable.
The shut off unit consists of a spring loaded quarter turn valve that is
tripped by a low voltage signal from 4 AA batteries.  The electronics are
similar to a smoke detector in that there is a blue test light on the front
to verify voltage presence; emits a periodic beep when battery voltage gets
low.  The sensor is just an impedance unit that when bridged by
(conductivity) water, trips the shut off valve.  The sensor must be placed
in a predetermined low point where a potential leak would naturally flow.
It is also place on a piece of paper towel when can quickly absorb water and
bridge the sensor plates.  Easy to test also by bridging the sensor plates
with a coin or screwdriver.
Definitely a "Piece of Mind" component when you have pricey wood floors
under foot!
The manufacturer is:http://www.watercontrollerinc.com/and is marketed by
many sources a Google search will reveal.  Several other products may be of
interest from this manufacturer also.

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