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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
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Les, this is really getting beyond uncanny. We both normally have at =
least a
smidgeon from about every high quality producing country. My stash is
currently at zero Mexican coffee too... I roasted the last of my JBM =
month so out, got any of that!?
From: homeroast-admin
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Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 7:03 PM
Current resting coffees, Uganda Bugisu, Kona Moki Farm, Kenya,Gaturine
Peaberry, Guatemala Maria Especial Peaberry.  I just finished off some =
and Java Prince.  I am a bit low in the stash on Indo type coffees and =
stashed in Brazils and Ethiopians.  Next up is the last of my Harar Lot =
a Brazil, and a Colombian.  I am still working on stash reduction and
balance.  I am holding off ordering until the next CoE offering hits.
However with a new Kenya and Mexican it will be hard to resist.  I =
have no Mexcian coffee in the stash. 
On 4/28/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote: 
It's uncanny. Not only are our stashes usually quite similar but what we
have ready for the grinder too! I suppose you also have a Kona, Indo', 
Central and espresso blend roasted? I usually try to limit it to 4 SOs =
at a
time but Tuesday, the day after roasting for use going into this weekend =
into next week, got to thinking a IMV Café Crema after dinner tonight =
be grand so have 5 SOs roasted & ready at the moment. But that did also
result in making it a really tough decision on whether to use IMV or =
for this mornings second cup of Saturday morning cappuccino:-) 

2) From: Les
Out of JBM too and I still have some Panama La Esmeralda Gesha in the
stash.  I stopped buying the Purto Rician coffees.  Not that I didn't
like them, but one has to set some limits.
On 4/28/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
t a
d &

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Wasn't going to bore the list further but since this seems to be a grits
list lately anyway might as well:-)
Ditto again! Have a couple half pounder roasts of Gesha greens in "special
occasion" reserve. No PRYS purchased since '04 so out of stash some time.
Even though nothing else quite like PRYS I'll admit for me it's been mainly
because finances tight, had to make choices between the ultra-priced
offerings. In a way I've been glad Tom hasn't found any good JBM in some
time, I love the unique linger of the stuff but probably wouldn't have been
able to get any.
Got any Galapagos Island?:-) No Tom never carried it to my knowledge. Early
on home roasting during my "get greens some from every Arabica producing
country" world tour got some from CoffeeAM, wasn't impressed with it, as I
recall very flat and lifeless. Tom does mention Galapagos Island coffee on
his Ecuador page (property of Ecuador) and says he's cupped manys lots of it
and never found a lot that wasn't defect ridden. But I didn't know that 5 or
6 years ago when I ordered it elsewhere!
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4) From: Les
I have had some good Galapagos Island Coffee.  I didn't get it from Tom, but
I did get two pounds of select beans.  They were very good.  It was very
much an island coffee.  Like Bali it is hard to get.  Our finances have been
tight too so I am trying to get the stash down and balanced.  I splurge on
Kona and the CoE coffees.
On 4/29/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

5) From: Leo Zick
merlot capps?  i figured friday night ill save time and add coffee to my
wine so i could be drunk and alert.
tasted bad and it didnt work.  ill stick to cheese with wine and sugar with
coffee, thanks!
On 4/29/07, Les  wrote:

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