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Topic: Kenya or Kenyan? (11 msgs / 127 lines)
1) From: Branden Byers
Is it simply potato potato, tomato tomato?
It appears that there is a trend toward saying Colombia instead of
Colombian, Kenya instead of Kenya, etc. I thought I remembered reading
an article regarding this use of country origin names when describing
coffee but having read it over a year ago I am uncertain. I might be
able to do a better job of searching for the answer myself except that
I do not know what adding an "n" or similiar ending is referred to in
grammatical terms.
What is the reasoning behind this standard? Is there are right or
wrong? Better or worse?

2) From: Jim Carter
I would definitely avoid using "Columbia" when describing coffee from 
Kenya and from using "Kenya" when describing coffee from Columbia as 
this could lead to widespread confusion.  If you get your mords wixed up 
too much, you'll sound like me. And if you have this very interesting 
dissertation that everybody enjoys but nobody understands, you'll sound 
like RO.
- JC
Branden Byers wrote:

3) From: Jeff Oien
Branden Byers wrote:
Kenya refers to a country, Kenyan can refer to a person. So I like the 
country name.

4) From: Dan Bollinger
I would avoid using "Columbian" when referring to coffee from Colombia.  ;)  Dan

5) From: Lynne Biziewski
Ha - Dan, you beat me to the punch (and probably Sandy, too).
: > } )
On 4/30/07, Dan Bollinger  wrote:

6) From: Robert Joslin
If grammar ain't an issue the adjectival "n" don't need to be there!
On 4/30/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

7) From: raymanowen
"...you'll sound like RO."
The Hell, you say? I always thought RO was a method of water treatment using
ion exchange via some catalyst. RO would rather send all the ions packing
via steam distillation instead of just swapping ions.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh
roasted." - - Martin Diedrich

8) From: Ed Needham
Do they grow coffee in Columbia?  Is that the Canadian (British Columbia) 
version or the Washington, District of Columbia version?  Or maybe Columbia, 
New York?  I know they grow coffee in Colombia.
:::since we are talking about terminology:::grin:::

9) From: Leo Zick
i think RO sounds different from non-RO water.  it makes a pluenk instead of
a plunk, b/c of the missing minerals..
On 4/30/07, raymanowen  wrote:

10) From: Dave Ehrenkranz
How about "Columbian" when referring to stash? :-)
On Apr 30, 2007, at 8:58 AM, Dan Bollinger wrote:

11) From: raymanowen
A Starbucks gift certificate might be the Missing Link.
Everything is so automated. -ro
On 5/23/07, Dave Ehrenkranz  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
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