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Topic: OT (a bit) DIY Coffee Airfreshners (5 msgs / 88 lines)
1) From: Dan Kellgren
Sorry if this is an old post.
The question is, for maximum and best scent, (A) what beans would use for
this; and (B) to what roast level would you take it?http://chalkline.blogspot.com/2005/08/diy-coffee-scented-car-freshner.htmlHaving fun,
Dan K

2) From: Lynne Biziewski
(Did I miss the added brandy in the brew this evening? Seems everyone else
has had their share!!!)
Actually, I have this type of air freshener in my kitchen cabinet (where I
keep my Mason jars of roasted coffee), and I get a heavenly whiff everytime
I open the door... which makes me want to make more coffee...
On 5/2/07, Dan Kellgren  wrote:
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Perhaps it comes from the flukes of the universe, the kindness of the
Amy Tan

3) From: Aaron
Oh thats easy.  Just dump a full cup of Kona into your cars carpeting 
and you'll have fresh coffee scent for several weeks as you open the 
door in the morning.... Well maybe not exactly fresh by our standards 
but still smelled good for a while... we won't discuss the carpeting 
though :x
Id say pretty much any bean you like the scent of really.  Id also say 
probably not want to roast them too much as oils might make them go 
rancid faster or pick up off smells... not sure.
also it seems coffee's have a lot stronger and id say a lot different 
smell whole .vs. ground so might want to grind them too perhaps to try 
your freshener out, see which way works better or last longe for you.
Just a few inputs.  But id not recommend the spilling the coffee one,  
sure it smells nice but kind of wrecks the carpeting.

4) From: Brett Mason
I have heard VIetnamese Civet has the stronges scent, pre-roast...
On 5/2/07, Dan Kellgren  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
Roast as you normally would.  Place the roasted coffee is any
container with a provision for degassing.  Place the container in the
car for the duration of the resting period.  Remove from car for
brewing and start the process over again.  Never ending air freshener.
On 5/2/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
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