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1) From: Kris McN
Hi All,
My husband has informed me that he's getting me a moka pot for my
birthday/Mother's Day (awesome!) and he wants me to tell him exactly what I
want (smart!).  I'm not interested in any milk frothing features, so I'm
thinking one of the stainless steel Bialettis that SM sells would be good,
but I don't know what size.  My question for moka pot users - do you drink
as much moka pot brew as you would drip or press brew, or less because the
moka pot brew is thicker/richer/more concentrated and maybe you don't need
as much or dilute it?  We normally drink a 12 tasse press pot's worth of
brew between us every morning.  If we were to sub moka pot brew in some
mornings, would we likely need to brew less (say in a 6 tasse moka pot) or
would we want to go for a big ol' moka pot full?  How does your consumption
compare between methods?
Kris McN

2) From: Eddie Dove
Tell him, "If you REALLY love me, get me one of each size."
Here to help!
Docendo Discimus
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3) From: Barry Luterman
Then make a tradition of the one you don't use.

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
You would be pretty safe with the 6 tasse, which more or less fills a 12-oz
mug. If you want to make enough for two people at one time, the 10 tasse
would be good.
Personally, I like the suggestion of getting two. I myself have a 4 tasse
and a 6 tasse. Most days I use the 4 tasse, but some days I feel like a bit
more coffee and use the 6 tasse. Tom changed the model a bit ago and mine
are a bit more rounded than the current style, but they look all great. I
keep mine in cupboards with glass in the doors, just because they look so
On 5/4/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:

5) From: john nanavati
Honestly, you could have mine.
On 5/4/07, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

6) From: Leo Zick
Are there italian branded press pots? Ove never seen the sizes
advertised in italian..then again I don't believe I've ever seen a 12
cup one before!
On 5/4/07, Kris McN  wrote:

7) From: Lynne Biziewski
Leo -
Bialetti is Italian
Kris -
I haven't been able to use mine (the stove in this apt. is so bad, I can't
get the temp. control I needed to make a good pot). I have a good quality
bargain Moka pot (def. stick w/SM's Bialetti - a good brand). I had the
teeniest one (4 tasse?), which was great for just me.
I'm not an espresso drinker, so I would dilute it almost half & half w/hot
water. Makes and incredible cup.
If I were to share w/someone else, I'd go for the next size up.

8) From: Leo Zick
Lynne- I thought the op said she has a 12 cup press pot, does bialetti
make press pots? I've never seen. I may have read the post wrong sorry
about that.
Fyi- tasse = cup for those who didn't know.  Ciao!
On 5/4/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

9) From: raymanowen
The Bodum I got from *$ about 1976 is 48oz about 1in below the rim, to
allow cap space with the mesh filter up. -ro
On 5/4/07, Leo Zick  wrote:

10) From: Kris McN
As much as the idea of getting one in every size has some appeal Eddie, that
would be a little much even for me ;-).  I think I'll tell him to get the 10
tasse size, then once we've used it for a bit I can get a smaller one too if
it seems like I'd use it (I can get HIM one for a Father's Day present!).
John - Do you have one you're looking to give away?
Leo - I know that "tasse" means "cup", but I used it intentionally because
when dealing with European manufactured coffee equipment it means a 4oz. cup
specifically, where I've seen "cup" refer to 4, 6, 8, and 12 oz. depending.
In fact, I saw a 4 tasse Bialetti Moka Pot advertised at a local kitchen
supply store as a "2 cup moka pot" (I guess they were going with the U.S.
standard 8 oz. "cup").  I thought using tasse would make things clearer.
Sorry if anyone found it confusing.
Thanks to everyone for the input!
Kris McN

11) From: john nanavati
Actually, I do.
I have a 4 Tasse Moka (the one with an octagon base) that I was going to
open to the list ... but this is just as good. Of course, I don't want to
"steal your husband's thunder" - if he was going to give it as a gift.
Email me off list if you'd like it.
On 5/57, Kris McN  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

12) From: Leo Zick
arent all coffee 'cups' assumed to be 4-5 oz, from mr coffees to bialettis
to press pots?
even my formal dinner set has a 'proper' sized coffee cup.
just struck me odd that many list members here refer to this new 'unit of
measurement'. :p
On 5/5/07, Kris McN  wrote:

13) From: Larry Johnson
Not speaking for everyone here, but when I use the term 'Tasse' in reference
to the Bialetti Moka Pot, it's because that's the way Bialettis sizes them;
1 tasse, 3 tasse, etc. I still don't know what the heck a tasse is or how
many it takes to make an 8 oz cup. I have a 3 tasse moka pot and *no way*
does it make 3 cups of coffee, not even 4 oz cups. It makes one 8 oz
Americano, if that.  I think 'tasse' is Italian for "heaping tablespoon".
On 5/9/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
Larry J
Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.  -
Mickey Friedman

14) From: Leo Zick
its direct translation, from italian (tazze), and french (tasse), is 'cup'.
for the espresso drinkers, a demitasse cup is 'half cup'.
espresso/demitasse cups are typically 2oz.
since the bialetti is a black coffee, or espresso pot, its measured in 2oz
press pots are measured in 4-5oz increments.
all within the coffee realm of the word 'cup'.
your bialetti isnt making an 8oz americano, since americanos are made by
adding water to espresso.  if you have a 3 cup bialetti, you are getting 6oz
of coffee.  you can add 2oz to it, for your 8 oz americano. is this what you
On 5/9/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

15) From: Larry Johnson
I actually get nowhere near the full capacity of the pot, since I stop the
brewing as soon as the water begins to run clear. When I get home tonight,
I'll measure how much water the little darling holds, but 2 oz./tasse sounds
about right.
On 5/9/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
Larry J
Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.  -
Mickey Friedman

16) From: Leo Zick
io attesa per sentire il vostro rapporto sulla tazze!
On 5/9/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

17) From: Larry Johnson
That's what I meant to say.
On 5/9/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
Larry J
Never give a party if you will be the most interesting person there.  -
Mickey Friedman

18) From: Leo Zick
ill translate - cups, not tasse.
On 5/9/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:

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