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Topic: Hot Top Question (5 msgs / 80 lines)
1) From: Tim TenClay
Greetings wise ones....
I have a hot top (love it) but I was wondering if there was a way to
elongate my roasts?  I've autodumped a couple of times (despite
pushing the "plus" button as many times as possible).  Is there a way
to override the autoeject?
I have the manual/analog model.
Grace and Peace,
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2) From: MichaelB
If you select the 7 setting you get a 21 minute profile. Then press the plus
button 5 times and you get another 2.5 minutes. You want to roast longer
than 23.5 mins? Why? What quantity of beans are you using? What roast level
are the beans when they eject? When was the last time you changed the
filters? It's hard to believe the beans are not reaching 3rd crack with all
that time unless there is something wrong with the machine.
On 5/4/07, Tim TenClay  wrote:

3) From: Sandy Schaefer
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 Varying voltage with a variac would provide most control. The reason =
your wanting more time as MichaelB questions might be because the =
voltage entering Hottop is low. What is voltage? Just raising voltage to =
might be the cure. Further with variac you could raise voltage higher =
until first crack saving minutes. Then lower voltage to extend out time =
between 1st and 2nd crack. 
Mark Schaefer 

4) From:
great ideas, I will try the variac to first crack.
---- Sandy Schaefer  wrote: 

5) From: Michael Mccandless
Different beans - different heat requirements.
I find Oaxaca needs a hot start & 130Vac from the Variac to finish in 16 -
18 mins.
Some need less.
Variac makes the Hottop much more adaptable.
On 5/5/07, Sandy Schaefer  wrote:

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