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1) From: Edward Bourgeois
This might be the most promising commercial roaster for the near future.
Quality roasting and clean for the environment.http://www.smartroaster.com/

2) From: Dave
Looks nice, but its a little bigger than I want;-)
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
On 5/6/07, Edward Bourgeois  wrote:

3) From: Aaron
I notice they have a trash can by the output bin of this roaster...  
This one must be in use by starbucks :)
Ok ill go lay back over by my dish now.....

4) From: Edward Bourgeois
yes; this is larger than most of us need but the principles are interesting
such as the drum doesn't rotate and paddles move the beans through recycled
air flow. Maybe smaller or sample roasters will come along  using a similar
design. Ed

5) From: raymanowen
The first new original design of which I'm aware- Dynamite! The features
might make good evaluation points for any design. How about a Roaster
division in the Kinetic Sculpture Competition?
It will be interesting to see how they solve the inevitable bugs and SNAFU's
of an original design in production.  The thing puts out water vapor and
CO2. That's the goal for automotive power plants. I really don't understand
the concern with CO2- if you're burning something, it's a nice combustion
What's their stock symbol, or are they public?
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
People should think things out fresh and not just accept conventional terms
and the conventional way of doing things. - -R. Buckminster Fuller

6) From: Aaron
Ray, the alarmists and bedwetters are all in knots about co2 and this 
global warming garbage, but coffee id put under the 'wood' category... 
and it is co2 neutral...
this means that take a pound of wood and burn it,  take another pound 
and throw it in the forest floor and let it rot... both of them produce 
exactly the same amount of co2 in their decay / decomposition.  Both put 
off the same amount of energy too really, just one is faster and the 
energy can be used .. heat/ electricity generation etc etc.. the other 
the heat just slowly dissipates.
on the emissions though yes co2 and water are good things.  plants 
thrive on both of them, and give us o2 in return.  Much better than CO,  
Nox and SOx emissions.
Stock in the company,  is it a company or corporation? and with our luck 
it's probably private...

7) From: Floyd Lozano
i see you found the pics of the roaster i built for the contest!
On 5/6/07, Aaron  wrote:

8) From: Floyd Lozano
is the rate important here, though?  If CO2 is shed faster than it can be
consumed within the ecosystem, you'd throw the system out of balance, no?
On 5/6/07, Aaron  wrote:

9) From: raymanowen
They didn't ask me about the use of Agent Orange, any more than the
clear-cutting and burning of jungles. But I guess you have to do that to
make more profits.
Not to worry- at the rate they're Californicating this sand pile with grass
and shrubs right up to their Million dollar matchboxes, this place is
probably turning green faster between fires, than the jungles are becoming
Plus, H2O in the oceans and atmosphere is a huge CO2 sink. I don't know
about the CO2/O2 cycle, but I'm not the imbecile burning down the jungles or
planting blue grass in the mountains. Sick.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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