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1) From: Wesley Simon
Hi everyone,
I'm going to donate the coffee for an event.  I'm going to roast, grind, and
brew.  Normally, this event would use large coffee urns and canned coffee.
I have an RK drum, so roasting is taken care of.
I'm looking for suggestions on both grinding and brewing.  My solis maestro
plus will melt before it grinds 20 lbs of coffee in one sitting.  I don't
want to brew using my technivorm either.  I can't afford to purchase a new
grinder or brewer, so those options are out.
Does anyone have any suggestions for larger scale grinding and brewing on a
shoestring budget?

2) From: John Moody
You are planning to brew about 50 gallons of coffee?
How much is needed for the first serving, and how fast does it need to be
dispensed/served?  How long do you need to have it available?  This sounds
hard to do on a shoestring budget…..

3) From: Brett Mason
Where are you located?
I have a grinder that can help you - it's a restaurant grade Cory
Grindmaster, refurbished.  Will hold 6lb coffee.  Will grind about 2-3lb per
minute.  As long as you are stopping by, you can borrow my 48cup coffee
If it's too far, you can swing by the localk thrift store and buy the same
urns cheap...
  Iowa....  hope you are near!
On 5/7/07, Wesley Simon  wrote:

4) From: Wesley Simon
Hi Brett,
I'm in Wichita, Kansas.
The event is a group campout that runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday
morning.  I plan on roasting 20 lbs and serving it as needed.  I need to do
the math to determine how much 20 lbs - 16% will make.  I'll split it up so
that there is plenty on the two mornings and then some throughout the day on
*20 pounds = 9 071.8474 grams*at 7 grams per 6 oz cup, that is
1296 6 ounce cups or 7775.8692 ounces or
*60.7489781 US gallons*
84% of that is 51 gallons (as John said)
Assume a 3 gallon urn, that's 17 urns.
That may be a bit much.
I'll end up using probably two 3 gallon urns.  The grinder is still
something I need to consider.
On 5/7/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Brett Mason
Wow - that's a huge Scout event, or you are hosting the Dept. of the
Interior, and families....
How many people?
If you are camping, will you have electricity?
I have a great commercial grinder - but that's far...
Take a whirley blade grinder, and grind per pot...
I use 1/3C beans per full pot of coffee (10 cup).
I use 1.5C coffee for my 48cup percolator)
My guesstimation (1lb = 5 pots or 30 cups) is that 20lb should make about
600 cups of coffee +-
Sounds like fun - I am in Cedar Rapids, IA, a bit northeast of you - I would
have had you swing by the house and just borrow urns and grinder, etc...
On 5/7/07, Wesley Simon  wrote:

6) From: john nanavati
Let's see 20 pounds at half a pound in a roast and about 25min per roast
(roasting, cooling, etc)  ..... almost 17 hours. better get a bigger bowl ;-
(see, i spelled it correctly THAT time ;- )
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

7) From: Wesley Simon
I'm seeing five 4 pound roasts; each roast taken a little further past first
crack and then mixed back together.  I estimate no longer than 3 hours to
roast, cool, mix and bag.
On 5/7/07, john nanavati  wrote:

8) From: Paul Carder
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Wes, do you know anyone who has a large Bunn or Grindmaster like they =
have in grocery stores? They will handle your quantity and give a great =
grind. Several years ago I bought a used Grindmaster ( =http://www.grindmaster.com/) on ebay for less than $200.00. Does a =
great job when I grind larger quantities to take to family and friends.  =
If it didn't take up so much kitchen counter space, I'd use it all the =
time, even for a single pot, or double shot espresso!! 

9) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
Paul Carder wrote:
That is another option right there ... call your local grocery stores 
(or stop in) and ask if you can bring in some coffee to grind.  I sent 
my dad some coffee to try and he discovered that their whirly-blade 
grinder was "missing".  so he took it to the local Publix and voila!  
ground coffee.

10) From: Floyd Lozano
you might want to run a lb of Grindz and then a lb sacrifice through the
machine first... and avoid the flavored coffee grinder!!11!!
On 5/7/07, Patrick R. Sklenar  wrote:

11) From: Eddie Dove
No. No. No.  A couple aisles over is some Minute Rice.  Grab a box and tell
them you are doing them the favor of cleaning their grinder and that you
will test the effectiveness and post-cleaning grind quality with your own
coffee to avoid wasting any of their gourmet coffee.
Works every time!  Try it!
Docendo Discimus
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://themeyers.org/HomeRoast/On 5/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:">http://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/Sweet Maria's List - Searchable Archiveshttp://themeyers.org/HomeRoast/On 5/7/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

12) From: raymanowen
Hi, Wes-
If there is a Peet's handy, they have the Mahlkönig VTA 6S? grinders. Tha=
thing can grind 20# to Turkish dust in Under 2minutes!
Otherwise, hit up one of the grocers that has a coffee aisle and big grinde=
for consumer use.
You with the RK Drum should be able to work a deal for a pound of your
excellent roast in either case... Maybe even a consignment. Crass
commercialism with SM coffee beans.
Maybe brew it cowboy style with the hot water from one of the urns and pour
through a filter into one of the thermos flasks or airpots people will be
happy to volunteer for the event. You shouldn't expect to do everything
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  - -Thoma=
A. Edison
On 5/7/07, Wesley Simon  wrote:
e a
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

13) From: Scott Marquardt
On 5/7/07, Wesley Simon  wrote:
That's a cinch.
Every Sunday I do two 1.5 gallon urns. One day a couple weeks ago I
did that back to back, four times.
The SMP grinder is not capable of doing a pound at a time, but it'll
do a half pound. What's fortunate is that a coarser grind will work
better for you anyway -- so the grinding is sped up (resulting in less
heat, which will fuse your thermal protection). Set the grind so the
marker points straight to the front of the grinder (halfway between
French and drip). Let the grinder cool for five minutes between
half-pound grinds.
I can send you a couple pre-formed 5 micron polyester felt bags. You'd
have to figure how to mount/suspend/hold 'em where you need 'em to
brew through 'em. Alternatively, if the urns in question are regularly
used, there may be some cotton filters around. They should work.
Wait . . . when you say urn, do you mean bloomin' percolators?
- Scott

14) From: john nanavati
On 5/7/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:
shouldn't that minute rice be cooked ;- )
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

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