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Topic: Harvy ... amazing (7 msgs / 244 lines)
1) From: Patrick R. Sklenar
I suspect I *MAY* have just been the recipient one of the fastest cross 
country Harvey deliveries ... ordered 12# a bit before 11am Friday 
morning, received 12# at noon today (Monday).  CA to CT.
Ordered the 8# sampler and received:
    Tanzania Mount Meru Nkoanekoli
    Yemen Mokha Sana'ani
    Panama Lot 12686   (had this in last sampler too)
    Sulawesi Grade One Toraja
    Sumatra Classic Mandheling   (had this in last sampler too)
    Bolivia FTO SHG EP Caranavi
    Brasil FTO Poco Fundo
    Peru Norte Especial   (had this in last sampler too)
So ... five new beans to try.  Filled out the 12# with 2# of "Oaxaca 
Pluma -Don Eduardo" and a pound each of the current Kona options (Moki's 
Farm and Kowali Typical XF) which gives me 5# of Kona on hand (need more 
Kona :(  )..
Finished up my sampler pound of "Nicaragua Matagelpa Pacamara Peaberry" 
a week ago, really liked it ... as did my coworkers and my postal 
delivery lady (I gifted her w/ half a pound.  I see SM isn't showing 
this Nicaraguan any more ... does anyone recommend something that would 
be comparable?
Roasted a pound of "Brazil Fazenda Boa Sorte Natural Bourbon" yesterday 
... going to brew a pot to take to the office in the morning (will be 
bit over 1.5 days rest).  First time I've tried this one ... received it 
in my 1st Sampler pack.

2) From: Randall Nortman
Totally unfair!  I ordered last weekend, it shipped last Monday, and I
*still* don't have my order, also shipped by flat rate priority mail.
I called USPS to figure out what's going wrong, but they won't
investigate it until 14 business days from the ship date.  Ack!  I had
to go and buy roasted beans, as my stash is now empty.  Luckily, we
have some decent local roasters around here.  (Though they still don't
put roasted-on dates on the bags that end up in the local grocery
stores.  Shame on them.)
On Mon, May 07, 2007 at 03:17:31PM -0400, Patrick R. Sklenar wrote:

3) From: Mike Chester
USPS says that it will TRY to deliver priority mail in 2-3 business days, 
but there is no guarantee.  I have had it take over a month to arrive.
Mike Chester

4) From: Floyd Lozano
i did a tuesday afternoon order / thursday afternoon arrival in boston last
week. it totally owned.  bad news: it arrived before the new kona offering
came out, hah.  will have to order again!
On 5/7/07, Mike Chester  wrote:

5) From: Ross
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Pat and Floyd,
The USPS has a contract with FedEx for some of the priority mail.  I'm =
sure that's the priority mail that actually gets there fast.  Yes, I do =
work for FedEx but now that I've said that, I still don't know who to =
blame for those Harveys that come with all the bags split from being =
dropped 200 feet.  I doubt it's FedEx because the USPS delivers their =
mail prepacked.  That's the real problem with the USPS, you don't know =
who is going to transport your priority mail or when it will ever get =
there. But if your feeling lucky go Harvey.  I would go so far as to =
say, if you are having good luck with Harvey, stick with it and if not =
don't do it again because you will probably get more of the same.  SM =
doesn't offer FedEx, so I decided to use the competition (UPS) I know it =
will get to me in a week or so in relatively good shape for a couple =
bucks more, that's better than playing the Harvey lottery again, and =
having my KONA (mixed with whatever else broke) coming out the seams of =
the box.

6) From: Aaron
FedEx, yep thats a good source of transportation.
sorry but I have to aire my complaints here since you put them on a 
A few years ago I had a rifle shipped to me FexEx.... they lost the thing.
Every time I called them, I got a different idiot on the phone all 
claiming to be the 'supervisor'...
Id check the status of the package every few hours and it'd change again 
and again, delivered, in warehouse, delivered, signed for, not signed 
for....bla bla woof....
after two days I finally got in touch with one of the employees there 
who seemed to NOT have their head up their ass. and quite frankly told 
them, they lost my rifle.. ive been given a total ration of  BULL**** 
trying to find this thing and im tired of it.... they have until NOON of 
the next day (which by law was way more time than they should have had) 
to find the thing before I call the BATF and explain to them the 
they panicked and tore their ware house apart.. no rifle.... their 
supervisor came to visit me and try to appease me,.... no rifle... i 
wasn't outright rude to the man but I let him know I was NOT happy with 
what happened and by law, I will notifiy the batf they lost a rifle......
well later that day, by sheer coincidence or what... the fedex guy 
delivers a package to me, something totally different  and says 
something about, sorry im late, but the warehouse is in a turmoil, they 
lost a package and are going crazy trying to find it, they called in 
extra people etc etc... ..
I told him, wow, that's funny because it's MY package they lost.  he 
said oh really, i said yes, it was a rifle.. he said.. oh shit, that's 
not good... i signed for my new package, he drove off...
about two hours later he comes back to my door and says, Is this yours?  
holding a long package.. I looked at the name and all and said, umm yep 
it is, where where was it.. he said, in the apartment complex next to 
yours in the office.  I delivered some stuff there, and seen it sitting 
there, the office folks said it's been sitting there for several days, 
and you said you lost a  rifle and it had a big orange tag on it so i 
read the label and sure enough it was yours...
the big orange label was the one saying, ADULT signature required to 
receive this package.  Positive ID required...
Bottom line, the day my package came in, seems there was a fill in 
driver because my regular one (the one who found it) was out sick... 
well the sub, went to the wrong apartment complex, and dropped the 
package in the main office and left... never mind the big sticker saying 
signature required bla bla...d ropped it at the wrong place....
My main complaint was,  ok fine, you lost the thing, no problem with me, 
I mean between you, me the company that shipped it to me, someone will 
buy a new one but god dammit, it's a RIFLE... you left it in the office 
for DAYS unattended...... WTF happens when some kid picks the thing up, 
because the office staff is not paying THAT much attention to what's 
comign in or not,  im in 914  um yep heres your package.... and does 
something stupid with it?????
I never heard another thing from them, not an Im sorry, not a, ok 
everything clear now, NOTHING...
FexEx....no thanks... id rather drink Bleach....id rather stare at the 
sun with binoculars.....id rather race Rosie O'donught for a hamburger...

7) From: Floyd Lozano
but how do you REALLY feel about it?
ps hope you shipped it unloaded so someone couldn't do something stupid like
unwrap and fire!
On 5/9/07, Aaron  wrote:

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