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Topic: OT OT OT +More PC garbage concerning starbucks (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Leo Zick
On 5/11/07, Rich  wrote:

2) From: Aaron
sounds like you are setting up your filters wrong then Leo.  Pehaps when 
you set a new filter, look at the sender, say, if you don't like me for 
example....have it filter anything posted by me... but that  won't help 
when folks reply and copy word for word what I posted in their reply. ie 
verbatim.... or have it look in the body as well since posts, even when 
brought ot can get the subject line changed from time to time.  so if 
you try to filter OT starbucks for example and it later gets changed to 
OT coffee riot... you won't catch it in the filter, yet it is kind of 
still the same thread...
no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you 
demand others do,  NO filter is going to catch 100 % of what one wants 
100% of the time.  I use thunderbird for my e mail and even on this 
list, I have all the homeroast posts sent to one folder but a few 
individuals when they post, no matter what they post.. it always shows 
up in the main inbox no matter what I do or try to filter.... go figure...
another thing you can do is,  G mail will let you move posts from folder 
to folder right?
I believe it will also let you make 'rules' or apply filters to folders 
already there....
if this is correct then get a mail that snuck past your filter, put it 
in a folder somewhere, and run a filter on it, if it doesn't work, tweak 
the filter a bit until it catches it. 
I am not an expert at G mail but from what others have posted on the 
list, there are some folks out there who are real sharp with that 
program..  Perhaps one of them will speak up, or you can scan archives 
and see which ones are the genius' and ask them offlist to help you set 
your g mail up more efficiently.

3) From: Leo Zick
But if toms extremely simple list rules were followed, we wouldn't
need a degree in gmail programming, now would we?
On 5/11/07, Aaron  wrote:

4) From: Justin Nevins
It certainly may seem intimidating,  but setting up the gmail filter to do
this is pretty simple.
1) click on "Create a filter" to the right of the search box at the top.
2) fill in "homeroast" (without the quotes) in the "to:" field.
3) click the "Next step" button
4) check the boxes next to "Skip the inbox (Archive it)" and "Apply the
5) click the dropdown box next to "Apply the label:" and choose a label or
create a new one with a name like "SM homeroast list" or something like
6) now check the box next to "Also apply filter to *** conversations below"
7) click the "Create Filter" button
...and you're done. I hope this helps someone. It seems more complicated
than it is. Once you get there is seems pretty self explanatory.
Justin Nevins (this is my first post. I still don't know much about
roasting, but gmail I can handle)
On 5/15/07, Leo Zick  wrote:

5) From: Brett Mason
Cmon folks - click on the NEXT or NEWER button and move on...
Brewing in my SG1Cup and wondering about your diatribes...
On 5/15/07, Justin Nevins  wrote:

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