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1) From: Julie H Tieszen
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I would like make a Mokha-Java blend. I have some Yemen Mokha Sana'ani. =
Which of the following do you think would be the best to blend with =
Sulawesi Grade One Toraja
Sumatra Classic Mandheling
Sumatra FTO Gayo Tanah Tinggi

2) From: Jeff Oien
Julie H Tieszen wrote:
I would have a hard time making a choice. I've only had the Sulawesi of 
these three. The Sulawesi has some tobacco which would complement this 
Yemen well. I would guess the Classic Mandheling would have more 
earthiness than the Sulawesi. Both Sumatras have more body than the 
Sulawesi. So that probably confuses more than anything but thought I 
would comment. Maybe some of those attributes are more appealing than 
Java is a good choice if possible.

3) From: Julie H Tieszen
Thanks. That's the one I was going to pick because it's the only one that 
was listed on the SM blending article. I already roasted the Yemen. Now I'm 
off to roast the Sulawesi. I'll try some of the other blends later. This is 
my first time trying to blend anything.

4) From: Larry Johnson
Keep us posted on your results!
On 5/11/07, Julie H Tieszen  wrote:
Larry J
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Mickey Friedman

5) From: Gregg Talton
I used the Sulawesi Grade One Toraja and had good results with the Yemen
Mokha Sana'ani.  I'm having Yemen Mokha Sana'ani tonight as a SO.
Gregg T
On 5/11/07, Larry Johnson  wrote:
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sad to realize that I'm going to miss mine by just a few days. - Garrison

6) From: Leo Zick
my favv M-J blemd is the Yemen Mokha Sana'ani with Harrar Horse Green stripe
On 5/11/07, Gregg Talton  wrote:

7) From: Dan Mouer
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How the heck does Harrar Horse count as "Java/???"

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