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1) From: stereoplegic
just saw this on ebay:http://snipurl.com/dualBMa little over 3 hours left. if someone's interested, say "i got it!" and 
get to bidding. i like the idea (another list member's, not mine) of 
calling "dibs", not having list members try to outbid each other and 
thus drive up the price. to each his own, though.
might have tried to snag it for myself, but i have spent WAY too much $ 
on that evil site this weekend.

2) From: Larry Johnson
Go for it. The shipping cost on this on is more than 2 1/2 times what I paid
for my Mr. Loaf at the thrift store.
On 5/12/07, stereoplegic  wrote:
Larry J
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Mickey Friedman

3) From: raymanowen
This thing went for $20.50. Shipping would have been another $20, whatever
the winning bid.
Pick one of those 20's- either would do fine.
We could go over to the Goodwill thrift store and pick up 3 machines that
will allow you to make two independent bread loaves, and roast coffee
I guess Ebay is OK if you do your Due Diligence and learn a little something
about what you're doing. If Bread machines were rare... but when they
ballyhoo the $MSRP in red font.
You ever pay "MSRP" for anything ? Ever?
Don't Never, and at No Time ever, Never Ever flash your credit card number
to buy something online when you can do better with a little scrounging
Scrounging? It's a habit I picked up in the military. Your Tax Dollars at
work. Phwtt- Gone!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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4) From: stereoplegic
i figured that was a steep price, but the double feature was cool, and 
some ppl might not have the same luck at thrift stores (for example, 
even in the 4th largest city in the country, i've only seen bread 
machines twice in all my thrift store shopping). as i said before, i've 
exchanged more than enough $ via ebay this weekend, so i thought i'd 
pass this along to list members not fortunate to have such bountiful 
thrift resources locally. on the bright side, my PID w/ TC and SSR (for 
shot temp stabilization/monitoring), second Gaggia PF and triple basket 
(for bottomless mod) are on their way so i can hack the Carezza even 
raymanowen wrote:

5) From: Larry Johnson
I, for one, appreciate that you thought of the group when you saw it. Like
you say, you never know when it might be just what someone is looking for
(and not finding in their home town).
Thanks for the heads-up.
Larry J
On 5/12/07, stereoplegic  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
If there are at least a half dozen thrift stores within a half hour's drive
in this Cow Town, you can certainly find "...made a great gift" for cheap in
yard and garage sales. Look in the newspaper classifieds under "merchandise
for sale," or place an ad yourself
If I can offer some more opinion and conjecture- the double bread machine on
Ebay was very low powered, and the same seller apparently has more of that
same model for sale. Remember, you are going to Pay to ship it.
You are interested in the power of the stirring motor, and the twin loaf
capability is a Gimmick that is useless for roasting. Look back on the
seller's site and check out the make and model online.
The same seller has an identical machine  available for 17 hours, and the
current bid is $9.99 Remember the shipping charge. Even if I got it for
free, the shipping would be about $20.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Flea markets, church sales

7) From: Vicki Smith
The deal breaker for me is that this machine makes two *one* pound 
loaves. Most bread machines I have used make bigger loaves--the weight 
might not be a huge issue, but the size of the bread pan very well may 
be. Then there is the issue of how it might change the effectiveness of 
the heat gun as it skips back and forth between the two pans.
I just ordered a $35 Sunbeam from Amazon. Ron is going to Orlando, and 
he can carry it over the border. My original Sunbeam is 7ish years old, 
and still going strong. I would guess I have done 75 roasts in it. Oddly 
enough, I can probably count on one hand the number of loaves of bread 
I've baked in it--though I used to use it to knead dough for baking in 
my oven fairly often.
I also have a couple of thriftees sitting in my garage, but with the new 
one, I sorta figure I'm set pretty much for life in terms of a bread 
machine I know works without modification for roasting coffee.
If I were looking for something that roasts a bigger quantity than my 
bread machine, I'd go in the direction of an RK Drum, rather than look 
at a double bread machine, but that's me ;).
raymanowen wrote:

8) From: Angelo
Just recently, there were 3 BM's languishing in the local Goodwill 
Thrift shop, The highest priced one was $15.  I would say that would 
be the highest I would pay for one, and Manhattan is a pretty 
expensive market... Oh, and there's a 10% discount for seniors during 
the week - woo hoo!

9) From: raymanowen
My last two bread machines came from two different thrift stores and cost a
total of $7. Both were Brand new pristine and speckless with no residue
whatsoever anywhere. Also, no manuals either. For the price, I couldn't pass
them up!
One was an Oster (looks identical to the Sunbeam). I snagged it, thinking
I'd better not risk our original Oster breadmaker multitasking on coffee
roasting. Some report problems roasting in a BM, no me.
I picked up a Chefmate that has a neat cast aluminum pan. Another Chefmate
had an identical pan, but taller. It was missing the paddle.
Missing paddles force innovation. I should pick up the "research" bread
machines that are missing paddles. Instead of reinventing the paddle, I'll
fabricate a s/s impeller- similar to a washing machine agitator, made of
perforated metal in a cone shape with the open end up.
It would be like an ice cream cone as tall as the bread pan, with a spiral
ribbon fixed to the outside of the spinning cone. The heat from even a
weakfish HG would be introduced right into the top of the cone in middle of
the agitating beans.
It could wurk good if >someone< remembered to always install the impeller
before loading it with beans!!
A  0.250in s/s sheathed thermocouple with a grounded junction is pretty
rugged and stiff. It would be easy to fix it near the top of the bean mass.
Aimed down near the top of the spiral agitator, it would always be headed in
to a column of just-heated beans.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Have your temperature and roast too- in a ROster-

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