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Topic: Survey for Bread Machine/ Heat Gun roasters... (5 msgs / 92 lines)
1) From: Angelo
I want to know how many of the BM/HG roasters use the heat of the 
machine to help roast their beans. And in what way?
I'm curious as to how many only use the BM to stir the beans..
Thank you,

2) From: raymanowen
To get reliable agitation, I just punch up the dough cycle. I think all BM's
are the same, as are the three different brands we have.
The purpose of the dough cycle is to agitate coffee or knead the dough ball,
not to cause it to rise, as in the bread cycle. None of mine has heat on
during the dough cycle, so a single circuit can power both the BM agitator
motor and the HG.
With the bake element running, my HG/BM combo would draw over 15a, full
tilt. If you want to abuse it, do it right.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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3) From: Bob
Just using the heat from the HG for my roasts - the bread 
machine does fine agitating the 1.5lb batches I do.
Of course, the $3 BM from Goodwill did not heat up anyway .... 
so good thing I did not plan on using it to supplement the heat!

4) From: Kris McN
I only use the BrM for stirring.  I had to disconnect the thermostat to keep
it from switching off when the pan got too hot from the heat gun anyway, so
I don't know that it would've worked as an added heat source at all.  I find
that the heat gun is more than sufficient to get the roast I want in a
reasonable amount of time.
Kris McN

5) From: Larry Johnson
The BM is for stirring only; all the heat comes from the HG.
On 5/18/07, Angelo  wrote:
Larry J
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