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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
While Rocky's burrs turn at a fairly fast 1700rpm compared to some of the
"Big Boy" grinders like Mazzer Robur @ 500pm it's still substantially slower
than small motored low end burr grinders that make up for lack of torque
with high rpm. Hopefully slowing the Saeco's speed won't bog it down
attempting to grind. I'd also expect greater motor heating running it slow
under load if it succeeds at all. And I may be off base and it'll work just
fine. Worst case scenario is it fries and you buy a refurb $60 Maestro for
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	Greetings, group,
	I'm trying to put together a travelling coffee-maker setup.  I
usually brew only one cup a day, using one standard scoop of homeroasted SM
beans.  Having tried several grinders, I'm now trying to put together a
burr-grinder with a snout-like dispenser cover similar to Rocky's in order
to dispense the ground coffee directly into a small container rather than
having to gather up grinds from a larger container, which has involved quite
a bit of waste.  Today I spent considerable time constructing a 90-degree
snout adapter for the SAECO burr grinder I have as a backup and which I wish
to use for the travel kit.  The fit of the snout is good, but test runs blew
coffee all over the place and I'm thinking that the motor speed is too high,
so the next mod will be to add a router speed controller.
	My question is this:  Is anyone using the doserless Rocky directly
into either a portafilter or some other vessel cleanly; are the grounds
blown out at a high speed or is it possible that Rocky's speed is lower than
the SAECO's?  Tom's picture shows a standard laboratory vessel under Rocky's
snout but when I try this with my setup, the ground coffee won't stay in the
	I'd be most grateful for feedback from any Doserless Rocky users and
anyone else who feels like weighing-in.
	Thanks to all,
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2) From: Vicki Smith
I grind with my Rocky doserless into a wide (but not too wide) mouth 
fairly tall glass. I then use a canning funnel to direct the grinds into 
the filter/coffee ground receptacle for my KMB. The funnel also works 
for moka pots and Aeropress (they include a funnel). It's messier than 
my Maestro ever was, not the grinding part, but the brushing/coaxing the 
grinds into their eventual home. Doing that part in the sink works for me.
On the road for short trips, I use the whirly grinder SM sells to pour 
over brew into a thermos. Long trips,  all bets are off. I travelled 
with my full size (now backup) burr grinder and a whole bunch of coffee 
toys, including my IR2 Roaster and a heat gun.
Robert Yoder wrote:
  > My question is this:  Is anyone using the doserless Rocky directly 
into either a

3) From: Larry Dorman
I grind with my Rocky into wide mouth glass mason jars...  the smaller
ones - what are they, a pint?  The vast majority makes it into the jar
completely with just a very small amount of blowover which consists
primarily of chaff.  This is without babysitting it at all... there is
a couple inch gap between the bottom of the snout and the top of the
jar.  If I were to actually hold the jar up closer to the snout then
I'm sure I could get the blowover to almost zero.

4) From: Demian Ebert
I grind directly into a square plastic pint container for FP. Even with the
portafilter fork in the way of the falling grounds I get relatively little
spillage. For espresso, I grind directly into the pf. I make most of the
mess in leveling, and tamping. The only time I have issues is with those
certain beanks that seem to retain a lot of chaff and generate static that
makes ground chaff stick everywhere.
For travel I also pack a whirly blade for pour over. Unless we're driving in
which case the SMP and FP go with us.
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5) From: Peter Z
I had similar problems with a Mazzer Major.
Check this out:http://homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id&thread_id$1PeterZ
Robert Yoder wrote:

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