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1) From: Larry Dorman
Ahhhhhhh....  I don't know if my first message didn't get through or
if there really isn't anyone with knowledge of a good coffee shop
anywhere near Nashua, NH.  At any rate, I'm here for a week and would
really, really like to find a good coffee shop while I'm here.
Perhaps it's going to be my assignment to do and report on alone, but
if you know of one then please drop me a line here.  Thanks!
Right now I'm surrounded by a thousand Dunkin Donuts stores... they
make Starbucks look like a startup that hasn't quite gotten going yet.
;)   Alas, all of their espresso comes out of a super automatic which
I tend to avoid like the plague.

2) From: Lynne Biziewski
Hi Larry -
I'm in the Boston area, and don't get up to Nashua (or any other place these
But I did a quick search [good coffee, Nashua] (no guarantees on quality)
and came up with this Boomchugalug . (Made me
think of the old Smuckers ad: with a name like that, it's GOTTA be good).
Also: Pastissie Bleu  and this one looks
intriguing: Riverwalk .http://riverwalkcakery.com/coffeehouse.htmlAnother idea is to post a note in the N.E. Chowhound site.
Yes - Dunkins are EVERYWHERE here in N.E. I lived in AZ for 2 1/2 yrs - when
I got back,
I couldn't believe it. (In Tucson, they are basically just part of gas
station drive-ups.)
I must admit, as a native Bostonian, I missed them - but they sort of remind
me of the old
Star Trek episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles..." (popping up everywhere...
do we need an
exterminator? : > } ) However, I don't actually go there anymore - even
their donuts aren't made
on the premises now. Ugh.
Good luck in your coffee search - if you can, try to visit to Portsmouth -
it's a nice area, but
then again, it sounds like Nashua is nice now too (been MANY years since I
(and make sure you report back to us!)
On 5/20/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

3) From: Larry Dorman
Thank you for your assistance...  alas, I suppose I am destined to
drink dunkin donuts or charbucks while I'm here.  (Although, in
reality, I brought a press pot and some fresh roast, so I won't
actually have to go that route...)  I just enjoy visiting other coffee
shops when I'm travelling.
I didn't see the hours for Riverwalk on their website so I took a
drive over there this evening.  It turns out that they closed at 1:00
today and by 5:00 on weekdays... so, I won't get a chance to go there.
 Patisserie Bleu has even more restrictive hours posted on their
website, so that one isn't going to work either.  I'll have to try to
lookup the Boomchugalug to see what they have going...
I don't think I've ever visited an area of any size that has no
dedicated coffee shops available.  I'd actually be willing to drive a
ways out of Nashua to get someplace good, also.  My employer is paying
for everything, so it's no biggie to me... :)  I like sightseeing
anyway, so a drive would actually be kind of fun.
At any rate, thanks again for your response.  If I happen to find
someplace I'll be sure to let you know how it rates.
On 5/20/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

4) From: Lynne Biziewski
Ah, yes - sounds like Nashua still folds up those sidewalks early...
I don't know how long you will be in New Hampshire, but if you have
time, there are lots of beautiful places to explore. (maybe finding
coffee nirvahna might be ... a long shot).
You're even close enough to the Boston area (and Cambridge, & Somerville).
(I really love those back roads, tho - lots of places to discover).
Have fun -
On 5/20/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

5) From: Larry Dorman
It's Friday, about 1pm and we're heading down to Boston to the New
England Aguarium. If you get this in time, can you give me a ring to
let us know about any coffee shops we should definitely stop by?
573-808-4297 Thanks!!
On 5/20/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

6) From: Lynne Biziewski
Hi Larry -
Wish I could join you guys!!
At any rate, here's the info:
You will be at the Aquarium, which is right near the North End.
Cafe Vittoria is a fun place (VERY Italian) but I don't have any idea how
their espresso and coffee is. My guess is that it's preground (something
like Lavazza). It's on Hanover St.. (ask anyone how to get to Hanover St. -
it's walking distance).
Somewhat across from the Vittoria is a little place for pizza - but I think
it'll be closed by the time you get there. If you get to the North End
first, before the Aquarium, check out Galleria Umberto - a hole in the wall
(people line up outside for their pizza).
For authentic North End Italian food, you could try Mother Anna's (red sauce
type of food). There are lots of other interesting resturants there, some
are AWFUL, tho. Try boston chowhound for a search, if you want
http://www.chowhound.com/boards/12The gelato ANYWHERE here is good (Mike's Pastry is one).
If you want to try to head out to Simon's afterwards, this is the link
w/their info:http://www.simonscoffeeshop.com/(My Mac is running real slow - I think my HD is having problems lately... )
Hope I've been helpful - call me if you need any more info..
On 5/25/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:

7) From: Leo Zick
mikes, mother annas, and mamma maria are great.
mamma maria from what i remember goes through the trouble of making a good
espresso, but the beans arent that fresh.
every place i had espresso in boston served it too hot. lol
On 5/25/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

8) From: Lynne Biziewski
My goof  - meant to send this by PM!
On 5/25/07, Leo Zick  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

9) From: Larry Dorman
Oops.. sorry list...  we were traveling at the time the thread was
resurrected and didn't think to send the message privately.  Oh
well... at least we were talking about coffee, right? :)
As long as I'm at it...  Thank you very, very much Lynne.  Your
assistance has been invaluable and lead us to some excellent coffee.
I made time during lunch a couple days this week to hit the Riverwalk
Coffe and Cakery.  It turns out that their hours are too limited for
my preference, but their coffee is worth making an effort to obtain.
The people who run the place are also quite pleasant and take their
tasks seriously.
We also made it to Simons in Cambridge... quite possibly one of the
best lattes I've ever had!  My coworkers were also quite impressed.
The shop itself really isn't that much to speak of, but that obviously
isn't the reason we would go there anyway. :)
So... thank you again!  And for those of you enjoying this thread
vicariously...  feel comfortable visiting either one of these
establishments if you get the chance... they're worth it.

10) From: Floyd Lozano
If you love calimari, go to the Daily Catch.  It's a hole in the wall on
Hanover street, seats maybe 12 people, and doubtless the best calimari
anything I've had anywhere.  Modern pastry is better than Mike, in my
opinion, and there's another shop in that area that's supposed to be better
than Modern.  Sadly can't vouch for any coffee places there.  Can vouch for
Simons though.  The espresso I had there was tasty.
By the by, I went to Cafe 1369 in Cambridge (the store on mass ave, not the
original Inman square location).  Avoid.  They don't pull ristrettos (which
I ordered, gaining me quizzical looks) and they don't pull single shots
(which I ordered next).  The double shot tasted like an ashtray.  I left it
on the counter and hauled.  Also went to a bookshop / cafe near Whole Foods
in Porter Square - they had one of those La Marzocca setups (Swift auto
dosing / tamping grinder and one of their machines, can't recall which).
They were out of drip coffee and suggested an americano to someone.  The
stuff that sputtered out of that machine was cremaless puddle dreck (looked
kind of like yoo hoo, actually).  Felt bad for the customer, and I walked
out without ordering.
Still slowly evaluating the cafe offerings around me ;)
On 5/25/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:

11) From: Lynne Biziewski
The Daily Catch! I meant to recommend that - I've never been there, but I
heard that it is great - and I
love the cozy atmosphere.
Haven't purchased pastry down there in ages - but I have had the gelato, and
when I was there for the
St. Anthony's feast, I got some grapefruit gelato - sounds strange, but it
was SO good.
I wouldn't even bother trying coffee down the North End. I bet Vittoria buys
pre-ground (prob. Lavazza).
Your experience w/Cafe 1369 just about sums up all my previous experiences
have been with ordering coffee when I've been out! (trying not to visualize
cremaless puddle -dreck-yoo-hoo. Ugh.)
(I'm still trying to figure out where the Whole Foods is in Porter Square -
shows you how long it's been since I've been there!)
On 5/25/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

12) From: Lynne Biziewski
Actually, you sent the message to me, privately - I goofed!
Anyway, everyone got a chance to find out where to find some good coffee
in Boston.
I wish I could have helped more - and would have LOVED to have shown you
around. Today was way too stressful... I'm surrounded by moving boxes,
and the uncertainty of my crappy financial life! Man, I hate this... feeling
like the
sky is going to fall ...
But I DO love Boston & Cambridge - I'm glad you had a good experience, and
it's even better that Simon's turned out great (thanks to David Morgenlender
I still haven't had a chance to try it).
On 5/25/07, Larry Dorman  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

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