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Topic: Gaggia Mods, Stovetop Espresso Maker/Frother (9 msgs / 146 lines)
1) From: stereoplegic
Still waiting for the SSR to arrive so i can add PID temp control to the 
Carezza, but this just arrived yesterday:http://snipurl.com/cheapdoubleboilerfor those of you who (like me) can't afford a double boiler or high-end 
(worthwhile) HX espresso machine, this is worth looking into. the boiler 
is HUGE, this model only draws 550 watts, and i had nice dry steam 
continuously for over a minute with the steam wand valve open. you can 
find these new or used on eBay or Amazon among other places. the steam 
wand isn't adjustable when in use, but i think i can loosen the nut 
inside the boiler to adjust it to a better angle then re-tighten. this 
looks very promising! i have lots of white aluminum drop from my days in 
the sign biz, so i'm even thinking of gutting the Carezza so i can house 
both boilers together! score one for the cheapskates! and to think i 
never would have opened up/modded any of my machinery if it weren't for 
that Salton (Poppery II clone) air popcorn popper and the wonderful, 
wonderful internet! and of course Tom, this list, and homeroasters.org 
to get me moving in the right direction. just had to share my moment of 
elation... thanks for bearing with.

2) From: stereoplegic
btw, that minute could have gone much longer, and the thing wasn't even 
up to full temp yet! these machines (electric or stovetop) seem to be 
most commonly branded Bellman or Benjamin & Medwin.
stereoplegic wrote:

3) From: stereoplegic
even though i just spent $25 on the Silvia steam wand, it'll still make 
a much better hot water spout (minus the steam tip) in this new setup 
than the stock Gaggia wand (Carezza and my counter don't end up wearing 
half of my Americanos anymore).
stereoplegic wrote:

4) From: mirrera
That's a pretty good idea for those with single boiler machines and a bit of countertop space (and those that care about steam).  Let us know how the mods go, if you go through with it.
And, on a not-so-on-topic bent, that eBay seller has this to say:
Completely apart from the religious aspect of this, and whether it's appropriate for 'businesspeople' to invoke religion, since that's taboo on the list -- do these people really think that Jesus is buying espresso machines and leaving them feedback?
Since you won the auction, I think that you should leave them some, er, creative feedback.

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 5/20/07, mirrera  wrote:
Probably hoping to improve that mediocre low-grown coffee from his farm down
in Nic.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

6) From: stereoplegic
spew alert!
jjmarquez wrote:

7) From: Brett Mason
I dunno Mike...  With the millions and millions that He seemingly have who
invoke his name, it is rather interresting that even HE could only gain 900
positive comments.....
Makes one wonder....
On 5/20/07, mirrera  wrote:

8) From:
with a spoon...
excuse me. gag...
brett, you dog.
you kid sister.
---- Brett Mason  wrote: 

9) From:
no vomit alert!!
the younger sister of brett
and eddie is my older brother if that explains it all.
---- stereoplegic  wrote: 

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