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Topic: Got my Moca Pot (5 msgs / 200 lines)
1) From: Ross
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Got my Moca Pot an hour or so ago, good thing you guys told me how to =
use it the directions are sparce.  Tom's review was spot on, nice =
looking, well made pot with a lid that works and looks good but its =
hinge is not machined very well, kind of loose and floppy for such an =
otherwise elegant piece.  I got the 6 cup pot, it makes 6 demi's not 6 =
regular cups.  It's just right for a few cups, like after dinner coffee =
or something, if you are making morning coffee for real coffee drinkers =
you might want to go with the larger pot. I have the Cona or the Bunn =
for larger batches. I ran a blank batch then went for it, my first shot =
was a bust, I didn't screw the top on tight enough, (the base was hot =
because I started with boiling water), so I had a steam leak and little =
coffee was produced, it was drinkable, but not really, sort of like a =
shot of espresso from the wrong restaurant.  For my second try I used a =
rubber oven glove and got the bottom on tight, I used my aged Brazil =
Poco Fundo and it was great, I don't know how to describe the cup, a =
little like an Americano but better body than that.  I don't know why my =
old Brazil was so good either when I had been through so many other =
brewing methods and didn't like it.  Bottom line,  I like the moca pot a =
lot, it will be a good change up from espresso/americano, and a much =
quicker warm up and clean up than espresso.  Makes a very clean, smooth =
cup of coffee with great body, you can't beat great body! 

2) From: Brett Mason
How did you grind for your Moca Pot?  Was it fine, medium, coarse, or...?
Thanks for the review - we all; want to come over to your house tonight!
On 5/21/07, Ross  wrote:

3) From: Ross
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I'm glad you asked,  that may be the solution to my aged Brazil.  My =
grind technique is unconventional,  I started Rocky and noticed it was =
still at #8 from this mornings espresso so I rolled it to #25 within 2 =
seconds, that's repeatable but probably not worth it!   #25 is about 5 =
steps finer than I use for fresh drip.  I got a very slow extraction at =
med heat, just a slow run down the tube, I was worried it was too slow, =
got it off the burner when the quantity looked like about 2/3 of the =
water was brewed.  Quenched it with a sprinkle of some cold running =
water on the bottom side of the pot over the sink. (Didn't have an iced =
bar towel handy). 

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
Glad to hear that you are enjoying your moka pot. Sounds like you are
quickly arriving at a process that will work for you.
I tried once starting with hot water and, to me, it wasn't worth the hassle.
I did notice once, when I was trying to get the moka pot to work more
quickly and had turned the fire up under it, that much of the heat was
passing around the bottom of the pot, so that rather than heating the pot
the heat was flowing up around the sides. When the coffee started oozing out
it boiled a bit when it hit the bottom of the collection pot, which can't be
good. After that, I kept the fire lower, and also brew on my simmer burner,
so that the fire isn't very big in circumference. Also, my model of moka pot
(Class) has a deep "valley" around the edge of the bottom of the collection
pot. I fill that little valley with water at the start of the roast, and I
think that helps keep it from getting too hot. It takes 5-6 mins for the
coffee to start oozing, for both the 4-tasse and 6-tasse moka pots.
Also, though the pots are not nearly as pretty this way, I took the lids off
of both. The lids serve no function, since I like to keep an eye on the
process throughout the brewing cycle, and got in the way during cleanup.
I'm not surprised that you liked a variety in the moka pot that you didn't
particularly like with other brew methods. In my experience, the flavor of
moka pot coffee is much richer, fuller, than other methods (with the
possible exception of espresso).
On 5/21/07, Ross  wrote:

5) From: Ross
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My pot has the same deep valley, a little water there sounds like a good =

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