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1) From: Jack Rogers
(But not new to roasting)
If this post is a duplicate of one that I sent yesterday, sorry.  I never received it, so I'm
trying again.
I'm roasting with a Galloping Gourmet and UFO combo, after starting with a couple of air poppers.
I claim no expertise, but I do like what I roast.
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2) From: Brett Mason
Hi Jack,
Welcome to this homeroast list!  GLad you're here!  I see you have done some
popper roasting too.  FOr those who haven't done both methods, what do you
like best about each?
AND, what kinds of roasts do you like best?  Favorite beans?  How do you
prefer to brew?
ALSO, for anyone who hasn't yet explored, Jack's got a lot of stuff going,
and WOW - what great latte art...  OK so now I am jealous!
Again, welcome!
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3) From: Bryan Wray
Welcome Jack!  I just joined the list a couple days ago and sent my little "I'm new here" out yesterday.  I am familiar with you on CG (I'm ThatCoffeeGuy) and I can't wait to hear what you can add to the list!
Bryan Wray
"It is my hope that people realize that coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery service, it can be a culinary art"- Chris Owens.
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4) From: Eddie Dove
Welcome aboard, Jack!
Docendo Discimus
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5) From: Larry Johnson
Welcome, Jack. Nice pictures. I especially like the looks of your poppers.
You do nice work.
On 5/22/07, Jack Rogers  wrote:
Larry J
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