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Topic: Something Like Last Year's Sulawesi (12 msgs / 165 lines)
1) From: Jack Rogers
Last year's Sulawesi Toraja from SweetMaria's was absolutely the best drip coffee I've ever had. 
But it's not available now.
Any suggestions an alternative that will be similar, or should I hold out until August or
September for the new crop?

2) From: Dan Mouer
Jack, I agree. I just drank up the last, and I was heartbroken to find that 
it was gone...

3) From: MichaelB
Why is it still listed?http://sweetmarias.com/coffee.indonesia.sulawesi.html#SulawesiOn 5/22/07, Jack Rogers  wrote:

4) From: Kevin
It's still listed because it's still available.  I just added and removed 2#
to the shopping cart.
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5) From: Jack Rogers
DOH! I don't know how I missed it.  That will be my next order.  Today!
On Tue, May 22, 2007 9:14 am, MichaelB wrote:

6) From: Jeff Oien
Jack Rogers wrote:
That was an extremely unusual Sulawesi with the surprising acidity, plum 
fruit and being not very earthy at all. I think the chances of a 
Sulawesi like that coming along again would be very slim.
I would think the Brazil Screen-Dried Moreninha Formosa might be the 
closest but by a fairly wide margin.

7) From: Jeff Oien
That's this year's and is a totally different tasting bean. I've had both.
MichaelB wrote:

8) From: Jack Rogers
Okay, now I'm really feeling ignorant.  I just checked my old emails, and the Sulawesi that I
loved so much was not this year's.  Not last year's.  It was "Sulawesi Toraja Gr. 1 -Lot 6451",
from _July of 2004!_  (Where did the last three years go?!).  I'm guessing that lot was a more
typical Sulawesi.  It had low acidity, and seemed almost syrupy.  This was the first drip coffee I
ever enjoyed without sugar.  Is the current lot anything like that?
On Tue, May 22, 2007 10:50 am, Jeff Oien wrote:

9) From: Bryan Wray
Well that is the character of Sulawesi in general, I would guess that you would pretty happy with most any Sulawesi.  Have you tried different ones since then and not been as happy?  Coffee's from Java generally have the same description (in fact if you look at the description for Java Government Estate Pancoer, it looks like you just copy-pasted it off of the website when you were describing the Sulawesi you had).
Perhaps try a blend of Sulawesi and Java?
Bryan Wray
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10) From: Justin Marquez
Wait until the 24th and add in some "Panama Carmen 1800+ Meter" to your
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 5/22/07, Jack Rogers  wrote:

11) From: raymanowen
Arr Dec '06. From the notes, it was a surprise to previous stock roasters,
as well might be the next lot.
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Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 5/22/07, Kevin  wrote:
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12) From: Jack Rogers
Just a follow-up to a really old thread I posted:  I've finally made it to the Sulawesi Grade One
Toraja that I ordered a couple of months ago.  I had to stop the roast a little short because the
stirring arms on my UFO got completely stuck, so it's not quite as dark as I intended.  It never
got to the beginning of the second crack.
Even with only about 12 hours rest, this is REALLY good stuff.  I suspect tomorrow's pot will be
even better.
Thanks everyone!  And a BIG thanks to Tom and Maria!
On Tue, May 22, 2007 9:32 am, Kevin wrote:

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