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Topic: Very OT: Cholesterol (was Re: coffee and cholesterol was +french (9 msgs / 216 lines)
1) From: Aaron
So... who's responsible for Global Climate Change... Al Gore for all the 
hot air he spews, or the standby duty excuse for everything anyone hates 
GWB??  I mean...afterall global warming is a proven *fact* too isn't 
it???...depending on who funds your grants that is.  Oops don't look 
back 30 years ago when it was global cooling and us plummeting towards 
the next ice age but we'll pretend that never happened since it so 
inconveniently contradicts our crisis of the moment.
Can I blame global warming on increased cholesterol in my coffee too?  
Hey... that's an Idea, maybe I can win a peace (of crap) prize for it.
OH and by the way,  doesn't old age cause a lot of this awful stuff  to 
happen to us too?  ... you know,  hardening of the arteries... softening 
of the main vein, etc etc...   ... the commercial should say. I use 
Propecia.... I still can't get a  hardon, but at least now I can 
remember what it was like to have one.
Mankind has pretty much eaten meat and all that 'awful' stuff since we 
lived in caves.. and overall, the life expectancy of us has actually 
increased since those times (becoming a dinosaur's dinner 
It's not so much just the cholesterol and foods that we eat, it's us as 
a general society in whole, becoming a bunch of lazy fat bums who don't 
exercise, or do a lot of manual labor anymore.  We eat the same crap 
just like grandpappy did two generations ago, but we don't work in a 
sweltering factory, or out in the fields 14 hours a day.... like 
grandpappy did.... so don't burn it off so to say.
Then there's Jim Fixx. the health food nut who followed your bible to 
the letter and died of a massive coronary..(or should I call it heart 
disease). gee a healthy person dies... wow go figger...
Am I right or not, ... who knows. but wow isn't it amazing the spin one 
can put on any piece of *data* to suit their needs?
If one needs to worry about their cholesterol, then do so.  If one 
doesn't sweat the small things. then dont... if you die from it... make 
sure you leave your coffee stuff to me in your will...  Ill drink a 
caffeinated toast to your good health.

2) From: Bob
Aaron wrote:
Congenital heart defect.
Bob Brashear

3) From: Kit Anderson
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I can't find any recipes that go over 375F. In fact, usually you heat to 
that temp and when the food goes in, it may drop to 325. Then you try to 
get it back to 350. Over 375, the oil degrades quickly giving off 
flavors and burning any loose pieces. Funny how most recipes call for 
ovens to be set at 350 as well. The reason is that Maillard browning and 
sugar carmelization are optimal just just under 350. With the 
evaporation of water from the food cooling it slightly, 350 browns 
without burning.
The thermostat on my deep fryer only goes up to 375.
Leo Zick wrote:

4) From: Jeff Oien
Al Gore took the initiative in creating coffee. (Is that correct wording 
Mr. Kamnetz? You wanna piece a me? Huh?)
I haven't noticed anybody putting in any orders for the Aged Sumatra. 
Although I've never tried it, I'm going to get some. I guess people 
around here are too wimpy. If anyone tries it please report.
Now all I need to do is mention twisted panties and I'll get kicked off 
the list.
Brett Mason wrote:

5) From: Aaron
Actually peanut boy, Ive been kind of staying out of this one,, and 
folks like you whining about it over and over just keep resurrecting it 
every time it does start to die.  So in your attempts to throw further 
mud, while pretending you are innocent, you are inflaming the topic just 
like any other post on it.... and yes, including this one too jimmy.

6) From: Aaron
Turkeys it depends on the oil you use.  Since most people use peanut oil 
for their turkeys, the temp is kept down.  I am thinking if I remember 
correctly it's because the peanut oil is more flammable / breaks down 
quicker or something that it needs to keep at a lower temp than say  
corn or canola oil.
Normally 375 is in the range.  One thing I have seen though is 
afterwards, folks will bump it up to 400 + degrees and throw corn on the 
cob into the oil and roast it for a few minutes.  First time I seen that 
I said oh WTF are you doing?  I was told it was a southern thing and 
tasted really good.  I tried it, and well yep it was pretty good, and 
figured that the turkey in oil is going to kill my arteries anyways so 
what more can a little oil soaked corn do.
I wonder what would happen if someone tried to deep fry coffee beans.  
Peanuts are deep fried in oil arent they?  I know they boil peanuts I 
make some when I can find the raw nuts but am curious if something could 
be done with coffee and either figure out a way to brew it or just eat 
them afterwards.

7) From: Aaron
I have ate coffee beans before, and well... they  didn't exactly pass 
for what Id call a looked forward to snack....
If one were to deep fry them, I wonder, would the consistancy turn 
nuttier like peanuts, or would they potentially kind of like pop like 
popcorn?  or would they stay hard or what.
Then you'd have to drain them and probably tamp them on a paper towel to 
absorb the excess grease / oil from the frying process.   Would this 
leech the coffee bean oils off it too?
wow how long would you even go about roasting them...  I might play 
around a bit this weekend unless someone else already tried something 
like this and says bad idea...

8) From: Aaron
Larry, just out of curiosity, why stop at 70?  Why do you want to shoot 
for 70 and not 80 or whatever...  Just interested in why that number was 
on the coffee, you are not eating when you drink it .. that might be a 
good thing BUT... if when you are eating, you are eating garbage, that's 
not a good thing.... or if you are drinking coffee instead of eathing 
good food, again, not a good thing. 
I used to have a cup of coffee at night before I goto bed, because it 
drove away the urge to pig down a late night snack, then promptly hit 
the bed, which im sure I will be told is a very bad thing health wise.  
Recently though i am finding that unfortunately it is keeping me up all 
wired to way too close to the time i normally need to get up so have 
stopped that.
odd thing on that though,  when I wake up in the morning, and smell a 
fresh brewed cup of coffee, sometimes it makes me hungry as hell the 
smell of the coffee. yet after drinking a few cups, the appetite is kind 
of taken to a dull roar for a bit...
Come to think of it, I think ill have a late nighter right now, it's 
been a few weeks,  lets see what it does to me.  Kona sounds good about 
now, yah, thunder mountain will work just fine.

9) From: Jeff Oien
Larry Dorman wrote:
I hope I'm not out of line continuing this thread.
Here's my take on it which includes coffee.
It may be OK to die earlier, but chances are if you do, your quality of 
life will be greatly diminished near the end. I would rather die of old 
age and have to do without some things than a slow painful death that 
could have been prevented.
One the other hand, my afternoon coffee is the highlight of my day. From 
what I've read it doesn't contribute much to higher cholesterol. And 
I've learned from experience that dietary "stuff" doesn't affect my high 
cholesterol, although I realize coffee is different than just adding 
I exercise, eat fairly well, don't smoke, am not overweight etc. So I 
think I can still enjoy my two cups of coffee a day brewed with a Swiss 
Gold filter without much concern.

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