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Topic: funny taste on first roast and iron pan alternative (5 msgs / 62 lines)
1) From: mike mears
Hi all - this is my first post here.
I just received my new freshroast .    first batch came out smelling odd - plasticky kind of smell - second batch smells real nice - did anyone else notice this ? - should I throw the first batch away ?
I tried three roasts in the machine, with gaps between, but finished with a reasonanble effort in a small iron pan with a lid ( smell's nice ) anyone get great results using really simple method like this.
I will brew up tomorrow am for my first cup - mike

2) From: raymanowen
Did something melt on the FreshRoast? -ro
On 5/22/07, mike mears  wrote:
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3) From: Larry Johnson
Might have been a random piece of foreign material on the heating element.
Sounds like it's gone now. FWIW, I've had 2 FreshRoasts and neither one ever
had that characteristic, even on the 1st roast.
On 5/23/07, raymanowen  wrote:
Larry J
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4) From: Floyd Lozano
I'd toss the first batch.  Worst case you're out 64-80g of greens.  Hope it
wasn't Kopi Luwak!  Though maybe a little space age polymer would improve
the cup.
I just got a 2nd hand RK drum and after a couple weeks of rain delays plus
buying this and that, still don't have everything i need to really get going
(current search: heat diffusion plate - where the aitch ee double
hockeysticks am i supposed to find cold rolled steel?)  And still have to
drill through the shelf (can't build the target grill without it, or at
least not without drilling out 4 rivets and removing it altogether but then
you lose some stability of the entire structure, ugh) to mount the motor AND
get flashing to protect it from heat AND get a better thermometer in the
case that the one on there isn't good enough and and and so I am thinking
hey, iron skillet, side burner, 15 minutes == coffee.  We'll see how that
works out ;)
On 5/22/07, mike mears  wrote:

5) From: mike mears
No nothing melted. The subsequent roasts were fine. I did 6 roasts so far one awful but some are getting quite good I prefer a slow medium roast so I experiment with different voltage & times. On the slow roast the cracks are much less defined but it does not seem to matter.

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