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1) From: Les
I am enjoying my first cup of coffee from the butt of the bird.  My
first impression is that it is a nice rustic cup.  I would also have
to say it is a typical Sweet Marias coffee.  After the first rustic
impression there is a sweetness and complexity that is always found in
a good coffee.  It has all the characteristics of a good Brazilian
coffee.  What I like is the bold beginning and then it smooths out
into a nice Peanut aftertaste.  The roast is a bit young (12 hours)
for everything to balance out.  However, Tom again has offered another
outstanding coffee in the cup.  That is the bottom line of Sweet
Marias, regardless of the bottom that this coffee has experienced.  My
recommendation is that nobody else buy any so Tom will open up the
offering for those of us who like the strange and unique can get
another pound or two.

2) From:
I think you got it with perhaps a "rustic cup."
Now I love funky coffee. But I do draw the line at bird butt brew!!
---- Les  wrote: 

3) From: john nanavati
Rustic? Wait until tomorrow when it "hits" your system.
I'm with Ginny - in fact i think that i'll make it a bumper sticker!
(Please don't piggy back on this ... i can only imagine the string)
On 5/25/07, pchforever  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

4) From: Eddie Dove
I am having my first cup of this coffee; roasted in the RK Drum just
to Full City+, rested 2.5 days, brewed in the Technivorm with
Swissgold filter.
This is a really nice, smooth, pleasing cup of coffee.  The term that
Tom used, "dusty sweetness" is a very apt description and there is a
really pleasing suggestion of milk chocolate too.  There is the
"drying" hint of peanut in the aftertaste and aroma, but not
astringent.  The aftertaste is long, and very pleasant.  A nicely
balance, very enjoyable cup of coffee.
My co-workers have been waiting for me to bring it to work so that
they could try it.  I brought a Thermos of it to work with me today
for sharing.
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Roasting Blog and Profiles for the Gene Cafehttp://southcoastcoffeeroaster.blogspot.com/On 5/25/07, Les  wrote:

5) From: Les
At about day four I found a nice spicy pepper hint in the aftertaste.  I
look forward to hearing about your impressions as it matures.
On 7/11/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:

6) From: Eddie Dove
I look forward to that, Les ...
It was unanimous at work today.  Everyone knew beforehand what the deal was
with the coffee and there was only one person who would not try the coffee.
Of all those that tried the coffee, everyone agreed that it was a very nice,
balanced, enjoyable cup of coffee with a great aftertaste.
On 7/11/07, Les  wrote:

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