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Topic: an amazing cup; the yama-esmeralda one-two. (9 msgs / 165 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
you know, you would think i taste so many coffees in a week, and a 
lot of really good ones, its hard to be amazed. that's why weekend 
coffee, just picking something from the cupping samples to bring home 
and brew, is special for me. but this morning its more than that - i 
am blown away: its a new crop Esmeralda Gesha sample brewed in a Yama 
Vac pot with a cona glass filter rod. The roast is a tad darker, a 
real FC roast, and the cup is just incredibly vibrant, juicy, sweet, 
floral, spicy, silky. I could go on. Since we are getting the Yama's 
back in stock next week, i have been doing a lot of brewing on it, 
and if i ever doubted that vacuum brewing was a hassle and the 
results were not that different than other methods, i ask forgiveness 
from the coffee gods. (actually, i did blow a pot yesterday, a 
beautiful kenya that tasted flat because i didn't pull the heat soon 
enough and it took too long to vac downward - tasted dull and 
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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2) From: Alchemist John
Man, that sounds so fantastic.  I have yet to try the Gesha - I just 
might have to this year.
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John Nanci
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3) From: Branden Byers
Speaking of Cona glass filter rods, does anyone know if one of these
will fit the Hario 2-cup (TCA-2) vacpot? I store my cloth filters in
water in the refridgerator and that helps to avoid off flavors from
the filter, but I'm interested in trying the glass rod.
Are there any issues with using an all glass set-up? I've read there
is a possibility of water superheating and exploding glass without
objects of friction such as the metal balls at the end of a cloth
filter. Anyone have experience or advice regarding this?
On 5/27/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee

4) From: Jason Brooks
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Branden Byers wrote:
	I use all glass - Cory.  Works well, save for a cranky gasket.
	Anyone know if a Cory rod would safely fit a Yama?
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Jason Brooks
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5) From: MichaelB
I've been doing all glass vac brewing for almost half a year. Mostly with
the Cona pot, but also using the glass filter with both sizes of Yama. I
have a 5 cup and 8 cup. I have no intention of using the cloth filters again
- except in case of emergency.
BTW I much prefer the Cona pot to the Yama pot. The Yama has a flat, wide
bottom that leaves much more water down below than the Cona. And the Yama
pot flat shoulders leading to the neck makes it almost impossible to pour
without spilling a bit. But being four times cheaper than the Cona the Yama
is a bargain way to start with a vac pot. I certainly loved mine and used it
constantly (cloth filter and all) until the day I upgraded.
On 5/28/07, Branden Byers  wrote:

6) From: Roger Lebow
Michael --
Do you mean that you can use the Cona filter (the glass rod, if I 
understand correctly) instead of the cloth filters that come with the 
On May 29, 2007, at 6:44 AM, MichaelB wrote:

7) From: MichaelB
Yes, the Cona glass filter fits both sizes of Yama. And Tom says he's been
using it on the Yama too. There are always several for sale on ebay, usually
Cory and Silex. I have no idea if these would fit Yama or Cona. If anyone
knows, please let us know...
On 5/29/07, Roger Lebow  wrote:

8) From: David Springston
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and to get that yama-esmeralda taste this year will cost lots.  The =
Esmeralda just sold at auction yesterday for $130./lb.

9) From: Les
Cory Rod works well on the Yama.
On 5/29/07, MichaelB  wrote:

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