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Topic: coffee not for the birds (6 msgs / 125 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
Yesterday I roasted Colombia Organic Cauca La Esmeralda - just a few snaps
into second crack.  I did a couple pounds in my homemade drum, cooled on my
giant heat-sink, and stored in a very large Mason Jar...
Today I brewed a pot in my Clarity, and it was perfect!  Early Memorial Day
and nobody else was up...  So I planted my tripod and cheapo camera in the
sun room and waited...  Here's what I got - hope you enjoy it too...  (see

2) From: Lynne Biziewski
Thank you, Brett - those are a delight!
When I took my dogs out for their walk the other day,
I was thrilled to see a male cardinal. Couldn't find the
lady, though... saw a blue jay, too.
This is pretty much a city, so spotting signs of life is
quite thrilling!
Your photos reminded me of my oriole sightings around
Ipswich, MA years ago. They seem to like the tall reeds
up near the ocean there.
Thanks again -
On 5/28/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
"In a world of conflict, the truth must survive."
Kevin Sites, 9/16/2005 blog

3) From: Les
Brett, Two questions:  Are not all the jars in your house Mason jars?
Why didn't you enjoy the birds drinking some Braziian Jacu Bird
On 5/28/07, Lynne Biziewski  wrote:

4) From: Larry Johnson
Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing, Brett.
Last week I was at a friend's house, having great beer and great
conversation when I noticed her feeder just outside on her deck. At the
feeder was a really beautiful Indigo Bunting. He/she came back several times
while I was there.
On 5/28/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Larry J
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know that's not true. Some smaller countries are neutral.
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5) From: Brett Mason
There are Mason Jars, and then there are the Masons' Mason Jars.
So, excellent point - they are all, at some point, Mason Jars when they are
in My house!
Brazilian Jacu ...  Well, I am just not that driven...  I will likely pass
up the endocrine coffees in my lifetime...  There's just too many good other
coffee out there for me to try "Business-End-Elixer" of any sort...
A note to all - if you have orioles in your area, put out half an orange and
grape jelly - they love fruit and nectar, and will be in your house in less
than 2 days...
On 5/28/07, Les  wrote:

6) From: Brett Mason
Hi Larry,
I had to look that one up...  Here's a link for any who wish to check it out
as well...http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Indigo_Bunting.htmlBest wishes for a tremendous Memorial Day.
And, thanks to all who have served us.
On 5/28/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

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