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Topic: OT: Thunderbird and Firefox (5 msgs / 107 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Just a heads up, for those who don't check often like me, Mozilla ie  
Firefox and their E mail client Thunderbird have upgrades out.  Version 
2.0 now.
For those who don't want to go through the G mail thing, these are a 
great pair, a stable browser and a really good e mail program.
Hate me?,  can't stand my posts?, these programs make it real simple to 
weed me out.  No more need to cry and send tom whine o grams, you have 
the power in your very own little hands now to make me go away :)
There were some issues with previous versions of thunderbird where it'd 
get goofy and not want to work properly all the time, ... the counter 
would screw up or other oddities....  Doing a clean install would not 
necessarily fix the problem...  this new version did fix it that I have 
Both are absolutely free, and I would suggest give them a try for those 
who either are looking for a decent mail program, and don't want to do 
the web based thing like g mail, or who have it and want a better copy.

2) From: Rich
This is a good suggestion.
However, along with the power provided there is a knowledge requirement.  This might pose a small 
problem for some.  It is much easier to just fire off the "whine-o-gram" than look up the information on 
building filters and all of that bother.
For those that venture forth, the information and how-to knowledge is located in the MozillaZine 
Forums and your favorite search engine will give you a URL.
On Fri, 01 Jun 2007 08:31:44 -0400, Aaron wrote:

3) From:
Thanks for the input. I installed the new version a couple of days ago; I have not looked at all the upgrades yet but I am a firm believer in Firefox andThunderbird.
Great stuff that continues to evolve.
If someone does not like your posts, too bad for them Aaron.
---- Aaron  wrote: 

4) From: Frank Parth
I thought most e-mail programs allowed you to create filters. I've used Eudora on my Mac for more years than I 
remember, and everything with "sweetmarias" in the To field gets filtered into my Sweet Maria's folder. I cancheck it 
when I have the time. My normal browser is Safari, but I'll use Firefox on those rare occasions when a web site is so 
badly coded that it's designed for IE only.
Eudora was recently released to the open source arena, so we'll see how it improves.

5) From: Aaron
Frank, any decent e mail program should let you filter...  but some are 
better than others.
some let you filter subject only, others let you select where and what 
to filter, including wildcards.
so for those who are ultra sensitive, and have to book 6 sessions with 
their therapist from merely seeing my name, or others names on their 
"check minus in the dont play nice with others column" then can do a 
global like filter that anything that has my name in it, dump it.. or 
any topic or subject or item they don't like  for that matter.
Powerful tools in the hands of the user, now lets see how many decide to 
take care of things themselves for a change, or still go on demanding 
that someone else do it for them.
between thunderbird, firefox, eudora, g mail etc... and god only knows 
how many other programs there are out there for handling e mail... a 
person can do pretty much anything they wish with it, if they'd only put 
a tiny bit of effort into it and learn it.

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