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1) From: Eddie Dove
Is the sulfamic acid safe for use on the Gaggia Espresso / Carezza machines?
On 5/30/07, Ed Needham  wrote:

2) From: Ed Needham
MSDS spec sheet...http://www.drugstore.com/qxp165621_333181_sespider/mr__coffee/coffemaker_cleaner.htmI really couldn't tell you if the sulfamic acid would have a significant ">http://www.malcopro.com/cgi-win/malmsds.exe/4708more info here...http://www.drugstore.com/qxp165621_333181_sespider/mr__coffee/coffemaker_cleaner.htmI really couldn't tell you if the sulfamic acid would have a significant 
effect on the aluminum or other parts of a Gaggia.  My guess is that it 
wouldn't, but it's only a guess.  The instructions and warnings on the box 
might lend a clue.  I bought it in the coffee section of a Kroger store.
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3) From: Floyd Lozano
My Gaggia Evolution manual states that Gaggia cleaner should be used
(surprise) but I can't find any.  Urnex web site states their espresso
machine descalers should NOT be used on Aluminum boilers.  So I kinda don't
know what to do =/
On 6/3/07, Aaron  wrote:

4) From: Brian Kamnetz
Maybe this will help. It is from Tom's Gaggia page:http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.gaggia.shtmlWell, they have aluminum boiler tanks, not brass. This isn't too significant
except that you should run a cleaner like Urnex's Dezcal
Cleancaf  through the
tank, not Cafiza
espresso machine
cleaner. (Use Cafiza to clean the filter baskets and coffee
On 6/4/07, Floyd Lozano  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
This past weekend, I used the Urnex Cleancaf on my Gaggia Carezza.
Right or wrong, this is what I did:
1.  Dumped two packs of the powder in the water reservoir and filled with water
2.  Stirred until all powder completely dissolved
3.  Put the reservoir back on the Gaggia and drew some into the boiler
(two lines worth)
4.  Let it sit for a while (15 - 30 minutes)
5.  Drew another "two lines worth into the boiler" and let sit (about
5 times total)
6.  Periodically ran some through the steam arm (I've only ever used it once)
7.  Kept doing this until I ran out
8.  Rinsed with about 3 reservoirs of water from a Brita Pitcher
I had previously taken the shower screen off and cleaned it, but I did
that again as well.
The floor is open for comments.
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6) From: raymanowen
"...yes it is definately safe for your gaggia"
Yes, for sure. Definitely. -ro

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