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Topic: Espresso Flavored Soda - Update (5 msgs / 116 lines)
1) From: Joe Screnock
Well, the results are in, and mixed.
To recap, I mixed 4 oz espresso (2 double basket pulls of Costa Rica - 
Tres Rios La Magnolia), 1/4 cup sugar, and 12 oz water and carbonated to 
about 20 psi.
One taster thought it was a bit too strong and sweet, suggesting cutting 
both the sugar and espresso in half.
One taster thought it was great and wouldn't cut either.  She said she 
drinks a lot of Frappuccino(tm) drinks and likes them strong and sweet.
One taster doesn't like sweet coffee and doesn't drink soda.  Not 
something she'd drink again.
One taster likes it, thinks something is "off", but can't put his finger 
on it.  Sugar is fine - not too sweet, wouldn't remove any.  Coffee 
strength is fine.  I have a feeling he's looking for the cream in the 
aforementioned drink.
My first sip reminded me a LOT of the Frappuccino(tm).  It was cold and 
sweet, and the mouthfeel was similar - I think the carbonation took the 
place of the cream.  The carbonation actually reminded me of a Stout. 
Small bubbles - it almost had a head on it, but it dissipated quickly. 
(And no lacing as I drank it!)
Overall, I don't think I'll bother making it again.  It killed me to 
spend time making shots and then dump them in a bottle for drinking 
later.  I may try a strong French Press brew, but I'm not sure it will 
have the same flavor.  (In fact, I'm sure of it.)  It seemed to blur the 
line between "coffee flavored soda" and "carbonated sweet coffee".  I 
suppose if an Americano is 1 oz espresso in 3 oz water, I just 
carbonated 4 Americanos, leaning toward the "carbonated coffee" definition.
And as I down the last swallow, I find myself thinking, "That was good - 
I wish I had some more.".  So I guess I'll make it again.  :-)  If I do, 
I'll report back.  I may even come up with a 5 gallon recipe (which 
almost certainly WON'T be espresso based - that would take me weeks to 
make that many shots!!!) so I can have it "on tap" all summer long. 
That might be nice...
Anyone else want to try?
Joe Screnock wrote:
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2) From:
Joe would you send me your recipe.
---- Joe Screnock  wrote: 

3) From: stereoplegic
AFAIK, most "espresso"-flavored sweets and pre-made drinks are not made 
w/ actual shots of espresso (except tiramisu). frappuccinos are made w/ 
double-strength BREWED coffee  (though it is their Espresso "Roast") the 
frappes my girlfriend makes (w/ a recipe i stole and modified from a 
local indy coffee shop) is made w/ toddy (cold brewed coffee 
concentrate,). this shop also used their espresso "roast" for this 
(though it made horrible shots-mostly due to "barista" error and because 
it's WAY overroasted-it made killer frappes). perhaps this would work 
better for this type of drink. i can't stand toddy as iced coffee 
because of its complete lack of acidity. adding carbonation, however, 
this shouldn't be a problem. add a little sugar and this just might do 
the trick.
here's what got me started, though i just divided the aforementioned 
coffee shop's toddy recipe by 5: (1lb course-ground coffee per 1gal 
water)/5=3.2oz coffee per 25.6oz water (though i usually round to 3.5oz 
coffee-analog scale-and roughly 25.5oz water) so it fits into the same 
32oz Taco Bell cups that the author of the article linked below uses w/ 
room for floating grounds. here's the link:http://snipr.com/cuptoddyspacemanspiff.sm wrote:

4) From: Leo Zick
joes recipe, from his post:
To recap, I mixed 4 oz espresso (2 double basket pulls of Costa Rica -
Tres Rios La Magnolia), 1/4 cup sugar, and 12 oz water and carbonated to
about 20 psi.
On 6/4/07, pchforever  wrote:

5) From: Leo Zick
good point. i think manhattan special uses coffee concentrate
On 6/5/07, stereoplegic  wrote:

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