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1) From: Tom Martin
Hello all-
I just joined the list a few days and have been observing with fascination. 
I got a bug up my ass about roasting when I found some green beans in an
Indian grocery store in Berkeley. Then I got a free roatary sweep popper
(the Stir Crazy) from Freecycle and found a Braun 3 045 burr grinder in a
thrift store for 4 bucks. 
I have no idea where the beans came from. The first hour-long pass through
the popper produced a weak medium roast that was a little burnt and had a
popcorny flavor. The roommate loved it; I was a little disappointed. 
I'm guessing I need to hotrod the popper as it's not getting hot enough and
the beans are sitting too long on the heating surface. I found a couple of
sites that go into detail on how to do it- using a countertop convection
cooker. Are there any other suggestions maybe something cheaper to take
apart to use? Is the Stir Crazy type a good base to start with? 
Best Regards, 
Tom Martin
Oakland CA

2) From: Lissa Potter
An hour is wayyyy too long. You baked that bean. Since it didn't go to
charcoal, your stir crazy isn't hot enough, either. You've found the
convection oven stuff, that is one way to go.
But, if you want cheap and easy, get yourself to a thrift store, and
spend a couple bucks on an air popper. If you can find a West Bend
Poppery I, that is great. II's work, too. That's what I use. You don't
even really need the plastic top (you can cut up a soup can a bit, and
use that for a chimney.
Put about a half cup of beans in (you may need to increase or decrease
that), and you should be done in 7-11 minutes or so. Stop the roast,
and cool the beans (pour them back and forth between two colanders or
something) when they smell really good, or after second crack starts.
(First crack sounds kind of like popcorn, second like rice krispies.)
Those greens could be anything, but, hey, if you ruin them, no biggie.
After you feel comfortable, or before, get some greens from Tom, and
be prepared to be blown away.
Be well,

3) From: Brett Mason
Spend $3 at your local thrift store and buy any popper they have, preferably
a Poppery or Popcorn Pumper.  But any will do.
Measure 1/3 cup of greens, put them in the popper and turn it on.  Beans
will swirl a lot.  Keep adding one teaspoon of beans at a time until the
beans just percolate around a little bit.  Listen about 5 minutes for 1st
crack, and then a couple more minutes until it sounds like rice krispies.
If you are indoors and the smoke alarm goes off, they're done.  (Apologize
to your wife).
That's it - oh, dump them into a colander and stir with a spoon until cool.
Expect about 15 minutes for end-to-end including prep and cooling...
OK, there, now you have a "basic" roaster.  From there you can then pursue
all the various upgrades you like.  But the coffee will astound you - some
never move on from here!
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4) From: J.W.Bullfrog
You put a turbo oven on top of it and it handle about 1 lb.
However, I didn't like the poor stiring action from the stir cravy so I got
a wok, and put a gear driven motor under it; with a hand built stiring
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5) From: Steve
On Jun 5, 5:10 pm, "Tom Martin"  wrote:
Another option altogether is the heat gun/dog bowl method.  If you
already have a heat gun this method is free, plus you are able to see,
smell, and hear the beans as they roast, which gives you all sorts of
clues as to what is going on.

6) From: Gregg Talton
That's exactly how I got started almost four years ago.  I found
SweetMarias, went to the thrift store and bought two West Bend Poppery II's
for a whopping $3.  Your very first roast will be better than anything you
could buy at *$. I've also been a list member for quite a while, mostly
lurking, but it's an invaluable resource.
Gregg T
On 6/5/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
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