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1) From: LInda Reese
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Good morning all, I neglected to mention that the coffee service in NYC =
arrived table-side like so: large presspot, small tray, no room on the =
table, no available solid surface nearby. What to do? back to the =
service station? the kitchen? the bar? No, the busboy improvised, held =
the pot on the tray and pressed mid-air! I was impressed (and prepared =
to leap out of the way)! The only thing missing was the admonishment =
"don't try this at home"! Have a great day, Linda

2) From: Lynne Biziewski
LInda -
Now THAT was a good waiter!
I have to admit, NYC has so much to offer, especially restaurants. Haven't
been there in years,
glad you shared your experience w/us. Makes me wish I could visit (couldn't
take the
traveling these days, tho).
On 6/7/07, LInda Reese  wrote:

3) From: Angelo
Don't feel bad. Considering all the restaurants in NYC, it is very 
difficult to find good coffee here....  With the Disneyfication of 
Times Sq. and the high rents, NYC has lost a lot of its "character". 
You're better off just hanging out at your local mall... IMHO, of course..

4) From: Lynne Biziewski
Oh, that's sad. I haven't been to NYC since... the '70's...
(wow does that make me feel old..)
On 6/8/07, Angelo  wrote:

5) From: Branden Byers
My thought regarding press pot presentation at a restaurant is that
pressing "mid-air" on a tray is the proper way to press coffee and how
I have always done it at the steakhouse I work at. To me, if a server
were to plunge the coffee after setting it down on the table, it would
be similiar to a server plopping a bottle of wine down to remove the
cork. A bottle of wine is properly opened mid-air and so should
On 6/7/07, LInda Reese  wrote:

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