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Topic: Higher voltage for Poppery I? (6 msgs / 152 lines)
1) From: John Moody
I plan to operate my Poppery I with higher airflow, and plan to increase
beyond 120V to compensate.  Current thinking is to add ~24V to the 120V line
for ~2100W of heater power.
Has anyone experimented with the poppery I beyond 120V?  What did you find?
BTW, I completely sealed all air leaks in my P1 chamber, and chamber to
chimney with hi-temp silicone.  I believe that was responsible for a
significant amount of heating of the plastic P1 case.  I also wrapped it
with insulation as Mike (just plain) has described.  The exterior now stays
within a few degrees of room temp with back-to-back roasting; nice.

2) From: John Moody
I should clarify that my fan and heater are separated; I'm talking about
heater voltage.
I may not end up using the P1 fan for what I have in mind.

3) From: Scott Marquardt
On 6/11/07, John Moody  wrote:
Then where's the higher airflow coming from? You're wanting to
increase heater power because you're increasing airflow? But how are
you doing even that without increasing blower power? You adding a
secondary (first stage) blower or sumfin?
Just trying to parse this out . . .
- Scott

4) From: John Moody
Yup, adding a blower.  One with more head, flow, and less noise.
My goal is a 1 lb roaster with good bean agitation, reasonably small delta
from bean-temp to air-temp, and a PID that never calls for more than 100%
power.  I currently have that, but only at 1/3 lb load.

5) From: Justin Marquez
How long does it normally take to get to the start of second crack with the
setup you have now (1/3# batches)?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 6/12/07, John Moody  wrote:

6) From: John Moody
Here is a profile that I just ran for Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno.
(Ramp time)(temp) (rate)
0           100
3           200    33F/min
3.5         250    14F/min
5.33        410    30F/min
6           450    6.7F/min
1st @ 410F
rolling @ 416F, 55 seconds after 1st
1st end @ 423F, 2 minutes after 1st
2nd start @ 440F, 4.5 minutes after 1st, just over 16 minutes since start.
Comments welcome, I have lots to learn

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