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Topic: Semi-OT (Kidding) Why I hate SweetMaria's let me count the ways. (5 msgs / 145 lines)
1) From: Jason
Ok this being said after just placing yet another large order with
them so of course tounge in cheek.
Due to time I haven't been roasting a lot recently, but I had a decent
stash saved up.  As a gift for my uncle who we were going to go see I
roasted 3 batches out of my Nesco, and neatly packaged them up in a
gift bag just hours before we left on the long drive to Ohio.
I made my last pot of the home roasted coffee, and really really
enjoyed it that morning.  It was the Costa Rica - La Magnolia, and WOW
what an incredible cup it was.  Somewhere about Hagerstown, I up ended
my travel mug and drained the last drops with the wonderful tastes and
smells of the floral citrus coffee, and plunked down my mug in my
travel holder.
Reason 1:  I hate when I am out of coffee.
I was thinking back to my home, where I knew I still had at least a
half cup sitting in the bottom of the craffe on my kitchen counter.
Oh well I guess diet coke, and monster energy drink will have to do
for the very long next 4 hours.  I decided before spoiling my pallete
I would savor the aftertaste of the flavors of my coffee for a bit
After a long, and somewhat stressful drive, we arive, my family mostly
being of Scotish decent, they don't meet you at the door with coffee
or tea, but beer and whiskey for the evening.
Reason 2: Hangover + not fresh coffee makes for a grumpy morning.
About a year ago we got my uncle hooked on Givalia, which is a great
improvement at least since we upgraded him from the evil blue can of
coffee.  Well what was in the jar on the table, was about as flat and
stale as a day ole pancake.  While digging around for a new bag of
coffee, I found his grinder and started thinking to myself... wow
grinding up some of his gift he would surely share right?  Grumbling
to myself I found a new bag of the Givalia.
Reason 3:  Get the poor dog a bone...  (no bones, only coffee)
So now that I threw out the entire contents of one of my cabinets to
store green coffee, notebooks, and manuals for the plethera of coffee
I have on hand now, and clearing out and throwing out a large ammount
of glassware from another cabinet to make room for new glassware
changing gearing from alchol to coffee... well I thought that would be
good enough till I then had to start clearing out some room in the
pantry to save the vaccume sealed beans.  As mentioned above, the dog
can't have a bone from my cupboard, but he can chew on some green
coffee beans for a while.  Hope that satasifies him.
Reason 4:  I can't get an enjoyable cup of coffee on the road.
So now that I have given into getting up about 45 min earlier then I
normally do to grind beans, and make some decent coffee in the
morning, I have also found I can't even find a cup of coffee when not
in my home town any more.  There are two places in town I can get a
good cup of coffee.  None anywhere else LOL, not to mention try
finding a great cup of a nice floral Costa Rican coffee while in a
small town, that has one gas station called "Ray's gas and go" I was
so tired on the way home this was the case, I needed about 40mg of
caffine on the rapid infuser being directly injected into my system,
and there was none to be had.  Ray did have something that at one time
might have been coffee, but now was something that you could tar a
All of the above like I said is tounge and cheek, since I have had so
many great experiences both on list and from the coffee and equipment
I have gotten from Sweet Maria's.  Thanks Tom and all the members of
the list for infecting me :)

2) From: Robert Joslin
We are so happy that you were infected!  And, frankly, we hope it is
incurable!  God Bless you all and little Ben, too!!
On 6/15/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

3) From: Jason
Glad you enjoyed it I actually enjoyed writing it hoping you would get
a kick out of it.  (Sometimes, my humor is lost on people LOL)

4) From: john nanavati
see. here's the issue that i have with homeroasting.
before homeroasting, i was satisfied with store-bought coffee and my
i found sweet marias and homeroasting through a coffeegeek podcast,
and started out with a $9 poppery II and an 8 pack sampler. i fashioned a
downdraft cooler with an old cardboard box, pizza pan with holes, and vacuum
i started roasting, getting better, and realizing that my end result was
better than i was drinking before. now i can't buy commercial coffee. in
fact i don't like the blue mountain coffee that my mother-in-law brings from
jamaica because it's old and stale.
then i keep reading about how much difference a good grinder will make. i
was making some overtime; so, i thought, why not. i replaced my 15 year old
mr coffee whirly and i bought a rocky.
then i began remembering the espresso from spain and tried to recreate it
with a moka pot - not quite right, but not bad. then a french press and a
then my vetrano. i made one really awesome shot - the rest have been crud --
i have excuses.
but that one, was sweet, smooth, and "perfect."
now i'm wondering about my rocky and if i need to upgrade it, and i have cut
myself off at 20 lbs of green (i know that's a small stash compared to some,
but i'm not "allowed" to surf the SM site until i'm down to at least 10 - my
all in all, it's an inviting community and low cost of entry, but very
devious and high-maintenance "hobby."
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 6/15/07, john nanavati  wrote:
Ha!  As if *that* will work with all the SM shills online here!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

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