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1) From: Michael Purcell
Hello All,
I've been homeroasting for the past 6-8 weeks with good success except for
one thing: My wife gets "jittery" when she drinks coffee that is "full
In the pre-homeroasting days, I would buy equal amounts of regular and decaf
beans from the food co-op, and grind a 50-50 mix. The wife was happy.
In homeroasting (I use a hot air popper for now), does anyone have any tips
or experiences about roasting decaf beans, the type of decaf of beans
available, or blends of regular and decaf that they would be willing to

2) From: Les
All of the SM decaf beans are very good.  I enjoy a good half-caff at time
too.  What I usually do is use a good Mexican decaf as it tends to be
somewhat neutral, thus allowing the varietal flavor of the caffeinated
coffee to dominate.  Right now Tom is offering the Mexico Organic Oaxaca WP
Decaf, which should do a fine job of dropping the caffeine level and
giving good flavor.  There is less time between 1st and 2nd crack in a
decaf.  You really need to be careful because decaf is darker by nature or
better put, what the decaff process has done to it!
On 6/14/07, Michael Purcell  wrote:

3) From: john nanavati
I found the Mexican Oaxaca to be very good with deep notes. it had a funny
bitter finish, although, but i wasn't sure if that was because it was decaf
or due to the finishing process or something else. mixing it with another
bean may cover up or reduce that finish.
when i roasted it, i needed to be gentle with the beans because i felt that
they had a tendency to get scorched. the beans arrived darker than caf
beans; so, it's hard to take visual cues from the roast. i needed to rely on
time, smell, and auditory cues to follow their progress.
also, i found that the beans were at their best after a week's worth of
hope this helps.
happy day,
On 6/14/07, Les  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

4) From: Larry English
  About 30% of our coffee diet is decaf.  I especially like the Centrals,
including Mexico, and some from further south.  Of the current offerings,
you won't go wrong with the Mexico Oaxaca or the Guatemala, and the Peru and
the Colombia are very nice as well.  Don't overroast, and you'll get lots of
origin character from all of them.  Tom's reviews are always spot-on.
On 6/14/07, Michael Purcell  wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
According to reliable research, Decaf causes flatulence and suspected ED.
On 6/14/07, Larry English  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

6) From: Larry English
But it does improve one's sense of humor ... heh heh
On 6/15/07, raymanowen  wrote:

7) From: Michael Purcell
Thank you all for the advice.  My beginner's luck is still working.  The Mexico
Organic Oaxaca WP Decaf was the first first decaf bean I purchased from SM,
along with the sampler pack for blending.
So far, my homeroasting is progressing well.
On 6/14/07, john nanavati  wrote:

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