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Topic: FedEx from China - PNWG V will be first to see "Production" Behmor 1600 (11 msgs / 179 lines)
1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Got a call from Joe today. Even though someone in China screwed up and lost
my address, Joe got it shipped yesterday AND it already cleared customs in
Alaska with ETA before 10:30AM tomorrow morning. So indeed looks like PNWG V
antendees will be the first to see the new production model 1# roaster in
action. Also, Joe is going to be able to make it too catching a 6:30AM
flight for Portland Saturday.
Now back to laua prep...
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2) From: Les
Sound like another outstanding PNWG!  Mike you have me drooling over the
dinner already.  I'll bring some greens for us to roast too.
On 6/14/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

3) From: Dave Ehrenkranz
I was so looking forward to this gathering. It would have been my  
first. But instead we will be leaving home before 7am to drive to  
Eugene to see my son get his masters degree. He is finishing his  
third year in a PhD program in computer science and decided to take  
his masters along the way.
Sounds like Saturday is going to be quite the event. A new roaster,  
roasting demos, chocolate, fantastic food, plus meeting in person  
many of the folks on the list.
Have a great time and I will plan to see you next year at PNWG VI and  
if lucky maybe I will meet some of you before then.
On Jun 14, 2007, at 6:04 PM, miKe mcKoffee wrote:

4) From: Jason
Great news!  Get lots of pictures and can't wait to see a full report!
 Wish I could join you all, hope everyone has a great time.

5) From: raymanowen
"...back to laua prep" Sure hope you're on good terms with laua! -ro
On 6/14/07, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
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6) From: Edward Bourgeois
I don't really expect to see a "great" commercially made mass
marketed, kitchen counter "Home" roaster for a long time. Decent, with
limitations, yes (Hottop, Gene and most likely the Behmor) but not
what most of us are really looking for. I've been asked  to present a
design to a big foreign co. and have not yet done so. When realizing
all the things you have to design into a mass marketed home consumer
unit that have nothing to do with quality roasting like, idiot proof
(the main one), no smoke, no noise,no venting, absolutely safe in
every way, built great yet cheap, easy to use, attractive and on and
on. With those kinds of obstacles and limitations is it really

7) From: Rich
The design considerations listed below are what insure that "home roasting" will remain a hobby for the 
On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 17:54:56 -0400, Edward Bourgeois wrote:

8) From: Les
Tom, you are so right about the grinder issue.  However here is the big
problem with all grinders.  Say you spend the big bucks on the Rocky or the
Mazzer Mini, then you need to educate people that about once a year or maybe
even every six months you need to spend another hunk of change on swapping
out the burrs!  A good grinder with a burr set that could be simply changed
at the $100.00 range would make a killing.  Maybe they could even do the HP
printer philosophy and change a little for the grinder and slam you with
doubling the price of the burrs.  Hey as long as I am thinking, they could
even design them to stop working right just like a printer cartridge so you
would have to buy the replacement when they were worn out!
On 6/15/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

9) From: Edward Bourgeois
The home roaster we all desire will have to be prosumer-commercial
unit and only marketed as such to limit liabilities(because it won't
be idiot proof)thus cannot be market focused to the masses. Without
the starting volume of a mass market the roaster  will need to start
at a cottage industry production level. From there with success it
will be able to leverage better production opportunities to reduce
costs and price. Until then it's either a homebuild, modified mass
market product or spend big bucks on an existing commercial. I think a
prosumer-commercial roaster could be done in the 1500-2000 range with
all the tricks and possibly 1000 minus a couple options.

10) From: mikeraz
Aaron wrote:
We did discuss Tom's review - all the more interesting for me as I hadn't read
it. The points I came away with were that the machine Tom had used was an
early prototype and changes had already been made.  For instance the light
was switched to provide better color view.  The basket has been improved. 
Mike McKoffee has the unit, and a full work schedule that will prevent
him from working with and commenting on the machine for a couple of weeks.
Hang on folks, news based on a real unit coming soon.
      Michael Rasmussen, Portland Oregon  
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11) From: Les
Michael is correct, however Mike McKoffee is going to let Alchemist bring it
south for a couple of weeks.  Alchemist John and me are going to get to give
the Behmor a work out for the next two weeks.  I have a pound of Brazil
Yellow Bourbon resting that was roasted in the Behmor outside yesterday.  I
am initially impressed with the machine for costing in the $300.00 range.
The proof will be in the TV in the morning.  I am also glad to see Gary is
very committed to making a quality machine that will be affordable.  I'll
share some more impressions after I taste the roast.
On 6/17/07, Michael Rasmussen  wrote:

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