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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Just a quick note of thanks to all those who attended making it such a great
fun day of coffeef(r)iend fellowshipping. Also mucho thanks for those who
helped with last minute setup and brought munchies for during the day. And
thanks Rudy for helping clean some of the seldom used entertaining outdoor
furniture! As has become customary for 5 years now Dave & Pat provided
wonderful fresh veggies and great home made selection of dips. Elaine again
brought her fantastic "fruit sushi" and some biscotti. Michael R. brought a
pile-o-chips and dips plus bags of ice for the soda cooler. Of course
Alchemist was full tilt kitchen invasion finishing an array of home roasted
home processed chocolate delicacies (dark chocolate shells piped full of
various chocolate moose including an adults only single malt scotch
chocolate moose IIRC, I'll let him elaborate further!). I'm fairly certain
others brought some stuff that I missed and I apologize, no slight intended!
Bruce brought some excellent "Indian Candy" style smoked Copper River
Salmon. In a addition a special public thank-you to Bruce for assisting me
with the Luau. He was responsible for the huli-huli chicken. While it may
have been my recipe he masterfully executed the dish.
I also want to thank those who made financial contributions. It really
A big thanks to Joe Behm for at his expense shipping a first run production
unit Behmor 1600 from China at the last minute and catching an early morning
flight to be here to demonstrate the unit and answer questions. And a HUGE
thanks for gifting me the roaster! In truth I was so busy with other duties
wasn't able to spend much time with the Behmor and my schedule the next two
weeks won't allow any real play time with it. SO, look to Alchemist for the
first test evaluation posts about the unit since he's taking it home with
him for a month or so. (At least it better only be a month or so and not
permanent! But I know where you live:-)
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2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Damn, forgot the MOST important thank-you! That's to my better-half Debi for
putting up with me and my insanity, taking Friday off work spending the
entire day getting the house ready while I was working, helping me with
various food preparations each evening all week, and SHE made the Hawaiian
macaroni potato salad.

3) From: Bruce Harrington
Yes! Yes! Yes!  Here's to Saint Debi!
And still another big thanks to miKe the host, and all the other attendees.  
What a great time!

4) From: Les
Mike and Debi,
Many thanks for a wonderful PNWG.
On 6/18/07, Bruce Harrington  wrote:

5) From: Dave Nielsen
miKe and Debi,
Thanks for yet another great Gathering!  Everything was up to the
usual standards food wise and it was great seeing old friends and
meeting new ones.  This was the first year that Mother Nature failed
to grace us with sunny weather but it wasn't bad at about 60-64
degrees, clouds and a cool breeze.  See y'all next year!

6) From: Dave Nielsen
Ok, so I'm not the most observant person in the world but did anyone
else notice the news in miKe's sig?
On 6/18/07, Dave Nielsen  wrote:

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