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1) From: Scott Petersen
We finally got home about 2 hours ago after a truly wonderful experience.
Two things right off the bat:
1) Thank you very, very much to Mike and Debbie for hosting the get 
together and going through so much work to have it happen.
2) The few pictures I took are viewable at:http://www.slal.net/po/album.php?albumAnita and I walked away at the end of the gathering last night, looked 
at each other with big grins on our faces commenting that it was the 
most fun we had had in a long time. I think the term we used was 
"insanely fun" which is not a reflection on the attendees. Not all the 
attendees anyway. 
It was almost like meeting celebrities when I showed up. There was "Mike 
mcKoffee" whirling around in the kitchen. Les showed up and I got to see 
a couple of his tampers, and many of his pens in person. Alchemist John 
was there and brought chocolate. Mike (just plain) was in attendance 
along with his uber popper. The person that surprised me the most was 
Dennis True being in attendance. This fellow was sort of mythical in 
that he was in the middle of nowhere half way around the world, roasting 
coffee and converting many on his ship to roasting as well. I guess I 
missed his posts where he said he was going to be in town at this time.
There were many more people as well. I tried to remember everyone's name 
as best I could but, unfortunately, some slipped through the holes in my 
Tom (missed his last name) was there with his La Spaziale Vivaldi S1. He 
pulled me a shot out of it, mentioning that it was a Bugisu blend, that 
was well rounded, clean and entirely enjoyable. Mike also fired up his 
wounded Bricoletta and pulled a number of shots of a blend that he 
lovingly crafted with the greatest of attention to detail. Handful of 
aged java (I think)  for the bottom, few handfuls of Yellow Bourbon, 
some Misty valley all plunked into a plastic container, mixed up and 
doled out to Tom's Mazzer mini and his own Rocky.
Sometime later, a cupping of the smoked coffee was undertaken. There 
were four different levels of smoked Idido Misty valley. One was a 
control and not smoked at all. One was only smoked prior to roasting, 
one smoked after roasting and one smoked both before and after roasting. 
The control (no smoke) seemed to have the consensus as the favourite. 
The smoking process does something strange to the green beans and the 
two coffee's that were smoked prior to roasting were rather "weird". The 
post roasted coffee was actually pretty good. You could taste the smokey 
flavour and it still had the majority of the lovely fruitiness of the 
Misty valley. Mike commented, and I have to agree, that there really 
isn't any point to smoking. If you want a smokey flavour, use an aged 
coffee. If you want a new and different flavour, there are how many 
different coffees available to try?
The last bit of caffeine for me was a Wet Processed Yirgacheffe 
americano pulled on the Bric by Mike. This was an eye opening experience 
for me. (and not just because of the caffeine). It was a splendid coffee 
that had the flavour of a good espresso but I could enjoy for a much 
longer period of time. I have had americano's before but this was the 
first one that made me consider giving up my aeropress. I think my plans 
to acquire an espresso machine have just been accelerated.
I will close this email by commenting on the chocolates that Alchemist 
John brought.  In particular the chocolate cups with the chocolate 
mousse inside that someone else mentioned. These were truly the best 
chocolate "thing" that I have ever tasted. The base chocolate was 83% 
chocolate so very strong on the chocolate and light on any sweetness. 
The mousse was just a tad sweeter and added a light clean taste to the 
treat. It really highlighted the chocolate taste.
I look forward to meeting many of you again and chatting more about 
coffee on this list.
Scott Petersen

2) From: Homeroaster
Thanks for the commentary and the wonderful pictures.  I'll enjoy 
vicariously this time.
Maybe one day...
Ed Needham®
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3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Pretty good memory on the quick blend for Tom's gone empty Mazzer Scott! It
really wasn't a willie nillie just grab some beans blend even if it might
have looked like it:-) Actually had a ratio and the particular beans in
mind. FWIW was three scoops Aged Java, five scoops Brazil YB, 4 scoops Idido
MV. Ok, so the "scoop" just happened to be my cupped hand!
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4) From:
Great photo's, thanks so much.
---- Scott Petersen  wrote: 

5) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Thanks for the pics and such - looks like the same old motley crew. 
so c'mon folks - what did you think of the behmor?
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6) From: Les
Hey Tom, I just gave my report to the list.  I am pretty impressed with a
full pound of Brazil Yellow Bourbon roasted to a city roast on a windy 60 to
65 degree backyard deck on an extension cord.  Time will only tell!  I like
Joe's commitment to bring out a quality product at less than $300.00.  I had
a good TV brewed cup this AM.
On 6/18/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

7) From: Michael Mccandless
Someone asked earlier, and I'm also curious to know if this roaster will
handle a 19 oz batch.
Do you plan on giving it a test at that level?
On 6/18/07, Les  wrote:

8) From: Alchemist John
Well, as has been mentioned, I have it now and will be testing it 
over the next month on coffee and cocoa.  Not to dis the roaster, but 
16 is its upper limit IMO, and that only under certain criteria.  19 
oz I can't see happening.  It just doesn't have the wattage or 
insulation.  The after burner consumes 600 of the 1600 watts 
available.  That just ain't enough for much over a pound without baking.
BTW, Tom (and Maria and Ben) you were missed.  Next you I hope you 
can make it. I want to try and host again next year on the hill top.
At 16:46 6/18/2007, you wrote:
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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