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Topic: Behmor 1600, backed by bankrupt Ronco??? (6 msgs / 78 lines)
1) From: Jason
Well in an interesting announcement on the radio this morning I heard
that Ronco the backers of the Behmor 1600, just declared
bankruptcy....  Guess that doesn't put a great light on the new
roasters future, since I don't think home coffee roasting is really
going to save any failing business.

2) From: Alchemist John
I want to jump in here with my hearsay about this.  Joe Behm brought 
this up over the weekend and he fully knew about it.  The problem 
appears that Ron of Ronco wanted out of the business and took a 
sizable portion of the liquid capital when he left.  It has nothing 
to do with Ronco doing poorly or failing.  The expectation is the 
name/reputation will easily carry Ronco back into a stable liquid 
state and that they really don't need "saving".  They needed debts 
reduced because they lost their working capital.  This does not 
change the Behmor deal AT ALL as Behm has known about it all along 
and has planned accordingly.
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John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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3) From: Rich
Ronco did not file for bankruptcy as a result of business failure.  It has to do with some problems 
associated in the buyout of the former owners of the company.  A failure of the due diligence process.
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4) From: Dennis True
Excatally what he said!..
On 6/19/07, Alchemist John  wrote:

5) From: Dan Bollinger
Perhaps it isn't intended to save it, but rather be a new venture. Capital could 
have been put into Behmor before the restructuring, and might actually be a way 
to protect assets.  Dan

6) From: Joseph Robertson
Hi Dennis and John,
I'm glad you guys could remember the evening so well and especially the
details of all that JoeB said. This was my very first PNWG so I had a lot of
information to absorb. I was doing good to remember some key people. As it
turns out all the regulars are key people. In fact the whole group is a very
special bunch. Like stumbling onto some of the best greens in the home
roasting world.
Sure glad you made it to this one Dennis. I look forward to following your
coffee exploits with all your travels and endeavors.
John, thank you for the honest and detailed comments on the 1600. I look
forward to hearing some more as you continue to burn in the new unit. <];^)
Thank you also for the bag of Cocoa beans what a special treat. To smell
them roasting on the Behmor drum when I first arrived was a nice
introduction to a great get together.
Best Wishes,
Joe Robertson
On 6/19/07, Dennis True  wrote:

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