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Topic: Fwd: Great opportunity in the coffee industry! (28 msgs / 467 lines)
1) From: Frank Parth
I got this in the mail this morning. I will open it up to the list: how should I respond?
Frank Parth

2) From:
like toss it in the grabage with your grounds!
---- Frank Parth  wrote: 

3) From: Michael Vanecek
I find it odd that someone basically forwarded his spam to this list -
perhaps it was intentional to directly indirectly spam the list? This is
not appreciated.
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pchforever wrote:

4) From: Frank Parth
I didn't forward it to direct spam to the list. I wanted to see how creative the list would be in helping me respond 
tothis person, nothing more than that.
Frank Parth

5) From:
You believe the email is real Frank?  How long have you been on the internet? Maybe a week? 
You DID forward spam to the list.
I strongly suggest you LOOK at what you send from your unfiltered mail to a private list.
---- Frank Parth  wrote: 

6) From: Jason
Easy killer...
First did you receive this totally out of the blue, or do you have
something ongoing with Judge INC, which is a real company, that
recruits for all sorts of fields, or did you put your resume out on
monster or something that you have former experience in the coffee
field, and that your searching for future work in the coffee field?  I
guess, is this really random spam from someone that harvested your
email from one of the coffee fourms you are on, or is this maybe a
response to something you put out there?

7) From: Frank Parth
Great questions. I've never put my name on anything coffee-related outside of Sweet Maria's Forum and CoffeeGeek 
(although I once ordered from 1st Line Equipment and once from another vendor). This came totally out of the blue. The 
only thing I can think of is that someone harvested the mailing addresses of one of the forums and is using that tosend 
out spam. If nobody else on the SM site got something like this, then it's safe to say that my name didn't come from 
anyharvest of Tom's list.
The only experience I have in the coffee field is on the consuming end (and now the roasting side).
I have my own consulting company, which means that a) I haven't put a resume on Monster.com for many years, and b) I 
can't ever retire.
I'm just trying to come up with an appropriate, slightly sarcastic response to what's obviously spam.

8) From:
jason, dear one,
and I was giving frankie the benefit of the doubt. now that you mention it! why would anyone put that crap up on the list.
---- Jason  wrote: 

9) From: Sheila Quinn
Why would you even want to respond to spam? Who does that? It's just 
asking to get even more.... delete it and let it go!

10) From: Randall Nortman
On Tue, Jun 19, 2007 at 01:02:04PM -0700, pchforever wrote:
Yeah, because this list is otherwise so clean, uncluttered, and always

11) From: john nanavati
alright folks. lets move on here. i'm not pretending to be a moderator or
anyone of authority, but really.
my read on the situation is that the original message was set as a farce so
that we could poke fun at it. the point has been made about spam and posting
it to the list. let's get back to talking about pens and watches ;- )
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

12) From: Jason
I give everyone the benifit of the doubt... However Frank, there is
most likely the simple explanation of your email somewhere got picked
up from a post or whatever, and I would surely call that as spam if
you are not actively seeking a career in the coffee field.  I would
chuck it or if your evil like I am set your modem to auto dial that
persons phone every 82 seconds, and go on vacation for a week,
considering they have name, and phone number in there.
That is the large difference there from most spammers, is that
information does exist for a real company, and they aren't sending you
to buy some hokie product, or penny stock or viagra.  *Shrug*  From
your original email I would almost be tempted to call the person and
ask them why they would send that to you, and then how they got your
If they just scoured it off a list then light into them till your
heart is content.
On 6/19/07, john nanavati  wrote:

13) From:
yes wonderclown (do you have a suit to go with that isp?)
pens, stale greens, watches, coffee makers, iced COFFEE, tea, children, graduation, fathers AND other assorted things?
---- Randall Nortman  wrote: 

14) From:
dear one,
you did not say that,
different question.
---- Frank Parth  wrote: 

15) From:
oh, sorry.
---- john nanavati  wrote: 

16) From: Aaron
wow.  who list the fuse on your tampon?
Spam or not spam, time will tell, but in all honesty,  a lot worse has 
come across the list.  I believe the point has been made, but was it 
made with a collectable pen?    anyways.....  Can we find a new topic to 
bicker about?  Im feeling kind of left out lately since the last two 
food fights I didn't start.

17) From:
wow, aaron
if I still used those old sticks I guess it must have been Mike McKoffee who pulled my tampon, surely he had something to do with it.
Since I am in the 21st century and we use "tiny little magnates" now it must have been you!!!
---- Aaron  wrote: 

18) From: Michael I
Magnates?  Like railroad magnates?  Wow, they must hate that.

19) From:
ok, ok so I meant magnet. remember I am old...
I forget stuff.
---- Michael I  wrote: 

20) From: raymanowen
"like toss it in the grabage with your grounds!"
What she said-
Let it become disorganized 1's and 0's in the Bit Bucket. Don't botch your
compost pile.
If it looks like [*] and smells like [*], snow good to step in it.
Cheers and 73, RayO. aka Opa!
[*] = Four letter word with the initial S, ending in the abbreviation for

21) From:
oh s***, grabage in, grabage out!!!
---- raymanowen wrote: 

22) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I thought it was funny, Frank ... I must admit, I like to dip into 
the spam bucket every so often to get a laugh. I mean, does the term 
"concrete poetry" mean anything in the age of spam? anyway, your 
email is hokey, not spam exactly. someone mined addresses to direct 
this to you, me thinks. hmm... has anyone ever made the distinction 
between "junk mail" and Spam? I always think spam is the totally 
random stuff, and junk mail is just the unsolictied crapola.
anyway, i would respond to them, say you are very interested in the 
opportunity, and waste a LOT of their time!
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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                      http://www.sweetmarias.com                Thompson Owen george_at_sweetmarias.com
     Sweet Maria's Coffee - 1115 21st Street, Oakland, CA 94607 - USA
             phone/fax: 888 876 5917 - tom_at_sweetmarias.com

23) From: Brett Mason
Please don't mess this up!
Forward the SPAM to 18 of your dearest friends (or not so dearest)...  Tell
them to forward to 18 of THEIR dearest friends, and so on.
Then, and this is really important - close your eyes, walk out the front
door naked,count to 360, and then make a wish.   In 8 days your wish will
come true!
I know this is true because a friend of mine, Harvey, who works at the flat
rate post office, did this, and became a perpetually remembered member of a
coffee related list.
Be sure to complete this as written.  One person, a friend of another
friend's hair dresser, only mailed this to 16 people.  Her name was Mai
Targe't.  She walked out her front door, counted to 360, and was hit by a
trucker from Milpitas, CA.
Always thinking of you, and coffee too!
On 6/21/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

24) From: Michael Vanecek
If you do respond to this spam, your address will be doubly verified and
your email address will become more valuable to email marketers - it'll
be pushed up in the value-bracket of the email selling market. There are
several levels of email lists separated by validation and last date of
validation and the most recently validated email will always bring in
the most bucks for those selling emails. So I would do yourself a favor
and just trash the spam and forget about it.
Be well,
Zone 8, Texashttp://www.mjv.com/Home...">http://www.taroandti.com/Exotic Plants and More...http://www.mjv.com/Home...
Frank Parth wrote:

25) From: Frank Parth
Brett, this is the best idea so far. Thank you. I'm not sure I have 18 friends (being the geek that I am) but I'll certainly forward it to the people closest to me.  
I think I know that Harvey. About 6 foot tall? Long ears? Disappears when other people are around? 
It turns out that this is a perfectly legitimate company, but somehow in their DB my name got associated with coffee. I have a suspicion they outsourced their database maintenance to India, where people drink mostly instant Sanka as far as I can tell. 
Frank Parth
On Thursday, June 21, 2007, at 02:44PM, "Brett Mason"  wrote:

26) From: Brett Mason
Harvey also delivers coffee beans in little white boxes....
Thanks for the update,
On 6/21/07, Frank Parth  wrote:

27) From: Michael Dhabolt
Sometimes....a spew alert....is required!
Mike (just plain)

28) From: raymanowen
"...you are very interested in the opportunity, and waste a LOT of their
All of these Schei▀meisters have bought into the "Easy money, almost magi=
income" of an Autoresponder and Guaranteed Leads list from some Black Hole
of the Universe. The Arsch that sells these has switched from being an eBay
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 6/21/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

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