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Topic: grinding for aero press or? (9 msgs / 167 lines)
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I am thinking of your great, rather bulky grind that produced the wonderful cup when you came to Phoenix. 
I am trying to imagine how you would grind for the Aero Press?
---- Brett Mason  wrote: 

2) From: Randall Nortman
On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 02:00:37PM -0700, pchforever wrote:
For my Aeropress, I grind at the finest setting on my Virtuoso
grinder.  The finer the better with the Aeropress, as long as you
don't have powder in the grind, which will clog up the works.  My
previous grinder (KA ProLine) produced a lot of powder even at coarse
grind settings, and was terrible with the Aeropress.  I have gotten
the best results with my Zassenhaus set with the burrs touching, and
the Virtuoso on its finest setting is a very close second.

3) From: Sheila Quinn
Weird - you must have had an especially bad grinder. I'm using a KA 
Proline and it does great with the Aeropress!
Randall Nortman wrote:

4) From: Randall Nortman
On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 02:10:16PM -0700, Sheila Quinn wrote:
That's the weird thing about this grinder.  I've seen great reviews of
it, and I've seen terrible reviews of it.  My experience was terrible.
Makes me think there is some sort of very severe quality control
problem, so if you get lucky you'll get your money's worth, but if you
get unlucky you get crap.  They do have that nice hassle-free
replacement warranty, though.

5) From: Sheila Quinn
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Yep, me too. Seems to be a real crap-shoot with this thing, which is 
very unfortunate. I removed the stupid plastic cover where the ground 
coffee comes out. Too much coffee gets stuck there, and you end up with 
a mish-mash of grinds from previous grinding sessions. I don't use the 
included glass "catch container" anyway, so it's better without it. I 
usually grind directly into the filter or another small bowl. I also 
pound on the grinder at the very end to make sure I'm getting as much as 
possible out of it. A few stray beans (and ground coffee) gets stuck in 
it otherwise.
Do other grinders have this same problem of retaining some of the ground 
coffee (or even a few beans) in the burrs?
Randall Nortman wrote:

6) From: PJ SEIBER
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I have a capresso infinity that I tip forward 90 degree and pound =
against the counter top to get an extra tablespoon of grounds out also I =
use it for press coffee and usually make 20 oz. at a time and get about =
2 teaspoons sludge from each of the 10 oz. cup even at the coarsest =
grind with new burr  as in one because you can not replace the bottom =
burr so bottom line ITS A PIECE OF CRAP

7) From: Sheila Quinn
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Hmmm... on the one hand, I'm glad I'm not the only one having that 
problem. However, it would be nice if NONE of the grinders did that! I 
pound the crap out of the KAP every time I use it, just to be sure I get 
every bit of possible grounds out of it. (If I don't, I'll just be sorry 
the next time!) I'm used to it, of course, but it seems ridiculous to 
have to do that. Probably annoying to others in the house, too... LOL! 
If someone new comes over, they wonder what the heck I'm doing!!!
PJ SEIBER wrote:

8) From: Brett Mason
I have just had my first great cup of coffee from my Aeropress.  I made a
16oz Americano - here's how:
   I used my Rocky.  Setting was at 12 - my espresso is usually at 8.
   I used the inverted method.
   I used 3 round scoops of beans, into the aeropress.  Brazil Fazenda
Brauna Flatbean, popper roasted 48 hours ago, FC+.
   I used 200 degree water, to the top.
   I stirred until all were wet, and waited one minute.
   I added a paper filter, then inverted and pressed all the moisture out.
   I poured the syrup into a commuter mug, and topped off the 16oz with hot
   My 16 year old said "Now, THAT is coffee!"
Let me know if you can duplicate this!.
On 6/22/07, pchforever  wrote:

9) From: Scott Marquardt
On 6/27/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Maximal water. Good man. I'll wager your tweaks with the Aero will
leave you using no more coffee than by other brewing methods.
Our inverter at the farmer's market crapped out this last weekend. A
commercial Bunn grinder in the kitchen at the neighboring firehouse
saved the day for us. It's been a LONG time since I've used pre-ground
coffee, and I've been drinking some of the leftover grind since
I must say that as a constant Aero user, the use of pre-ground coffee
(my own good roasts) has left me glad of my habit of only grinding
fresh. No surprise to anyone here, I know -- but it's been rare that
I've experienced so many pre-ground cups in a week, and it's been
something of an eye-opener.
Insanely, it's still somewhat better than a lot of coffee I get in
coffee shops I consider good. But I think that's 'cause, after all,
the roasts are my own tweaks, instead of the approximations one
frequently settles for when others do the roasting. But I digress.
- S

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