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Topic: Problem with Technivorm (13 msgs / 199 lines)
1) From: john nanavati
what's happening - or can you tell? does the flow valve shut or remain open?
what happens when you open it up "whole hog"?
On 6/22/07, Howard Schwartz  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

2) From: john nanavati
i'm sorry that i haven't had or heard of your experience. but maybe we
(collectively) can troubleshoot it.
What kind or brand of filter are you using. if it's a swiss gold or rigid
filter, clearly, that shouldn't be a problem. if it's a paper, maybe that's
sinking in and getting in the way.
i know that you don't think that it's your grind, but have you tried a
courser grind just to see what happens?
On 6/23/07, Howard Schwartz  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

3) From: Fancye9876
Mine does the same thing and has since I bought it.  
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4) From: Bailey Blanchette
I use a Swiss Gold filter and have no problems, unless I forget to open the
gates after the first 2 cups flow into the basket and it overflows. then I
get grounds under the filter and they will clog it.
On 6/22/07, Howard Schwartz  wrote:

5) From: Donald Varona
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I looked at my TV.  The basket slow/stop-tab has a rubber bumper 
attached to it.  In the closed position the bumper is directly against 
the outlet; at half- and whole-flow the bumper is moved progressively 
out.  Perhaps this bumper is misaligned, or gets stuck to the outlet 
instead of pulling open.  Or perhaps the bumper is not pushed fully into 
the stop (it seems to have a retention "bulb" designed to keep it 
attached to the stop).
I would suggest you "fiddle" with this part of it, and see if you can 
see more of the problem.  If anything is clogged, it is here that you'd 
be able to tell.
Howard Schwartz wrote:

6) From: Fancye9876
I use a 5 grind on my kitchen aid.  It seems that when I put it on the  slow 
drip, it drips for a few minutes then the basket fills to fast  and will 
overflow if I don't switch it to the full drip.  I use a  swiss gold filter.
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7) From: Donald Varona
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A test:  during a brew, stop the TV, and try lifting the basket out 
while it is full of grounds (I know, it will be hot).  If the water is 
slow to filter out of the basket, then the problem is the grind and not 
the TV.
I read recently on coffeegeek.com that the experiences with the KAP 
grinder were very mixed.  Some people had absolutely no problem and 
loved it; others had problems where they got an inconsistent grind 
(i.e., powder along with the desired fineness), and that powder could be 
clogging up your swissgold filter.  The gold filters are susceptible to 
plugging up when the grind gets small enough.
Another test you could do is to get some cheap commercial drip-grind 
coffee.  (NOT for drinking of course :O)  Even if it would taste nasty, 
the commercial grinds are very consistent and won't include much 
powder-- if any.  Brew a pot and see if you get the same problem.
Fancye9876 wrote:

8) From: Rob Stewart
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Right,  It has nothing to do with the gate.   It's all about the filter =
getting clogged up. It your grind is producing fines and particularly if =
you stir, they migrate to the side due to the flow to the filter and =
clog it up. I keep the stirring to a minimum.  A sweep to find any =
clumps and then fold the bloom in. 

9) From: Fancye9876
Good idea, I have an old, old, old, can of folgers that will be perfect to  
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10) From: Gerry
Move the flow switch all the way to the fully open position, and you'll 
see a small flat stainless steel spring that at one end, is pushed into 
the slot of the basket body. With use, the 90 degree angled end that's 
pressed into the basket body, will lift upwards. Make sure that it's 
pushed all the way into the slot, and is flush with the plastic slot.

11) From: Rob Stewart
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but it could be a very uniform grind, and not be an accurate test.  You =
could compare it to the coffee you grind by doing the pinch on white =
paper smear.........

12) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
This happens from time to time with my TV.  If it's a continual problem,
then taking a look at the stopper in the bottom of the plastic basket might
be your best bet.
For the infrequent overflow, I think it relates to freshness of the coffee,
type of bean, and grind - so no permanent or perfect fix for a homeroaster.
When it happens (can make a groggy morning really bad), I turn the Rocky up
one tick and the problem goes away.  When the roast has aged a couple of
days , I can tick it back down with no problems.
It seems to happen more frequently with a SO roast than a blend.  And I
notice it happens more often with Central and South American beans than
Just incidental info from a couple of years' use.
My coffee is better than it tastes

13) From: raymanowen
There's a rubber button on the end of the flat black plastic arm. It's
pressed against the orifice at the bottom of the filter basket by the ss
spring. The slider actually pulls the button off the orifice.
I got my TV when SM first started offering them- 2+ years ago. I use it wit=
a Gold Mesh filter, so I have no gauge of how many brews it has done after
using 500 paper filters.
I've had no trouble with it, and cleaned it 2X so far. Just for grins, I
took the valve assembly apart when I had the idea of insulating the cone
basket assembly so it would maintain the 200 F temperature for the brew.
Pretty straightforward flow throttle but if you delete the slider, you're
going on a coffee fast.
I finally found some insulating sheet at JO-ANN's craft shop,  maybe not as
good as closed cell silicon foam, but Much less expensive. This guy will
probably end up using foam coffee cup strips pieced to the basket for
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Conserve, conserve, conserve$

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