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Topic: SM site down (9 msgs / 200 lines)
1) From: Kris McN
Rats!  The SM site is down this morning just as I'm busting my new Aeropress
out of it's box and fixin' to brew.  I wanted to refer to Tom's
instructions.  When I search the archives for "aeropress" I get over 200
posts (chatty cusses!)- I need a cup of coffee first before I can wade
through all that.
Kris McN

2) From: Justin Marquez
My methods:
Grind = between "drip" and "fine". (Tom's tips say that the whirly blades
actually work OK with the Aeropress - just grind 'em into near oblivion.)
Conventional Method :  Put the filter on the bottom, put 1.5 of the included
scoop's worth of beans Sit it on top of your cup or mug.
Boil water. Pour in about to the line that says "3" and stir for about 30
Press it out. Add water to your tastes - my tastes say "fill the mug".
Inverted Method:  Put the plunger in and invert the assembly without the
filter cap so you look in and see the plunger seal looking back at you.
Treat it like a french press.  Use one scoop of coffee/ mug.  Pour in the
boiling water. Stir and steep for about 1 minute. Put the filter in the cap
and put that onto the cylinder.  Rapidly flip it over on top of the mug and
press out. Add water.
Note that INVERTED uses less coffee per mug.
Note that inverted is trickier and easy to spill!!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 6/23/07, Kris McN  wrote:

3) From: Justin Nevins
another thing that you can do if you REALLY want Tom's instructions is use
google's "cache" feature. Go to google and search for "aero press tipsheet."
The result will be the page you are looking for (which if you click it, it
will go nowhere till the site is back up). If you click the link right below
that result where it says "cached" then it should take you to a copy of the
page which is stored on google's servers. This is a very useful feature for
all sorts of stuff as you can imagine. A couple things to note though:
sometimes it can be a bit slow at loading the page, and most of the time it
will not have be able to load all of the pictures(if any). You can get to
meat of the page quicker if you after you click "cached" you click the link
at the top of the resulting page (while it is still loading) that says
"cached text."
I hope this helps!
Justin Nevins
On 6/23/07, Justin Marquez  wrote:

4) From: Kris McN
Thanks for the suggestions, Justin.
I went ahead (before I got your posts) and followed the included
instructions.  Um, let's just say the results were sub-optimal, though I see
the potential.  I'll definitely have to play around with water-to-coffee
ratio and grind.  I think I had way too much coffee in there the first time
and I had a huge bloom explosion!  A bit of a mess.  I guess I need to let
my grounds rest a bit before brewing.  I didn't think it would be a problem
as these beans (DP Sidamo) are on 5 days rest already.  Always something new
to learn.
Kris McN

5) From: Scott Petersen
Kris McN wrote:
Here is my method that I have developed for my every morning aeropress 
coffee. This is for two cups of coffee if you want a single mug then cut 
everything in half. I am sorry this is metric, but I am sure that won't 
be much of a problem. :-)
Fill a pyrex measuring cup with 500ml of water from the water filter. 
(we have too much chlorine in the water during the summer).
Place in the microwave and set to boil. I use the hot water from the 
filter so it only takes me 1:45. Your mileage may vary.
Measure out 28 grams of coffee and grind on about the same grind as for 
drip coffee. I have no idea how fine that is. In my Mazzer I grind at 
2.1 for espresso (give or take) and 5.9 for aeropress.
Put filter on the aeropress while coffee is grinding and then put all 
the coffee in the aeropress.
Take water out of the microwave and use digital thermometer to stir 
water until it cools to 199-201f (hah, that's not metric.) I haven't 
calibrated my thermometer and I think it reads a couple of degrees f 
cooler than reality.
Pour about 50ml into aeropress and stir until the coffee swells some, 
(about 5 or so seconds). This is the key point to prevent the bloom. If 
you put too much water in here then the C02 from the bloom goes into 
suspension and you can't get as much water into the aeropress. You will 
know you have the right amount of water at this stage when the coffee 
swells and absorbs all the water.
Pour more water into the aeropress and fill right to the top. Stir for 
about 10-15 more seconds.
Some coffee will have dripped out of the bottom, so pull the stirrer, 
top up with water, put the plunger in and press. It takes me about 15-20 
seconds to press.
Dump the coffee into the remaining water (or vice versa), then into a 
thermos and enjoy.
Hopefully that wasn't too long winded.
Scott Petersen

6) From: Kris McN
Ahhh, so the bloomsplosion had nothing to do with resting the grounds, but
pouring in too much water too fast.  I will follow your instructions
tomorrow (assuming I can translate your crazy moon measurements ;-)) and let
you know how it goes.
Thanks, Scott.
Kris McN

7) From: Kris McN
I used your method this morning and it worked like a voodoo charm!  Very
nice cup.  I also dialed down the grind, I was definitely grinding too fine
to start.  The hardest thing for me to remember in the morning is to change
the grind setting for the different brew methods.  Now I have three regular
brewing methods to choose from: french press, moka pot, and aeropress.  It's
amazing how they all make great but different cups from the same bean.
I feel like I've fallen into a pot of jam!
Kris McN

8) From: Scott Marquardt
On 6/23/07, Kris McN  wrote:
No, the bloom definitely has to do with rest. What Scott astutely
recommends is a pre-infusion technique, which indeed works like a
charm. You can take a bloom-mongerin' roast and tame it pretty well
this way, regardless of brewing technique.
If more people home-roasted, manufacturers would doubtless add a
pre-infusion function to automatic drip machines to match the
feature's presence in the commercial Fetco and Bunn capacity machines.
Alas, we have to do such things manually.
- S

9) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Rats!  The SM site is down this morning just as I'm busting my new 
Aeropress out of it's box and fixin' to brew.  I wanted to refer to 
Tom's instructions.  When I search the archives for "aeropress" I get 
over 200 posts (chatty cusses!)- I need a cup of coffee first before 
I can wade through all that.
Kris McN
We are migrating to a new server soon, which should fix the recent 
downtime episodes. Sorry about that!
I like your comment- quite accurate - you NEED a cup of coffee to 
read 200 posts about making that cup of coffee!
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