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Topic: Looking for some roasting help---Correction (9 msgs / 185 lines)
1) From: Melinda Lee Shaver
Fist I need to make a correction...I purchased the IRoast2 not the IRoast.
Second, my Heat Gun/ Bread Machine experiment roasted....but to what I don't
know. It went to 1st, maybe second, then dark. But it tasted burnt. Did it
again, I think I didn't roast long enough. That's why I went with the
IRoast2...as a learning tool. To have a base of what I am doing...or not.
City, City+, Full City, Full city+ .... how do I know when I am there. How
long does it take to get there, what to look for. 
To get a lighter roast do you lower the time or the temp or vary the amount
of beans??
Thanks so much for the offer to visit, but Central Alberta is a bit far from
Michigan, but I truly do appreciate the offer.

2) From: Vicki Smith
The SM site has loads of good info for the beginning roaster. The 
Pictorial Guide is especially helpful. http://sweetmarias.com/roasting-VisualGuideV2.htmlFor heat gun/bread machine roasting, I'm going to toot my own horn and 
refer you to my website:http://coffeecrone.com/roasting/breadmachine.htmvicki
Melinda Lee Shaver wrote:
Second, my Heat Gun/ Bread Machine experiment roasted....but to what I don't

3) From: Vicki Smith
The more specific how-to part of the bread machine/heat gun roasting is 
in the FAQ:http://coffeecrone.com/roasting/faq.htmv

4) From: Brett Mason
Drat!  I drove through Michigan on Wednesday...
JavaMama (Susan Oppenheim) is in Toronto and knows her stuff well.  Also has
an iRoast 2 (and I Roast Too) ...
Resources aren't too far....  Who else on the list is in/near Michigan?
Step right up folks!
On 6/24/07, Melinda Lee Shaver  wrote:

5) From: Holly
How about Farmington Hills, MI?   You're welcome to come by for a 
roasting session if that's not too far for you.
Don't have an Iroast but do have a nice quiet Hottop and an almost as 
quiet GeneCafe.  Also have many greens
available for experimenting.   Let me know.  I've been homeroasting 
since 2001 and mostly lurking on the list since 2002
Melinda Lee Shaver wrote:

6) From:
I'm in the kalamazoo area.
---- Brett Mason  wrote: 

7) From: Phil Clevenger
Ann Arbor area...Pinckney, to be precise...
On 6/24/07, thirddayhomeroaster 

8) From: Mike Chester
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9) From: Howell Ite
Mike is right.  I am still alive and kicking, but tired.  I am still roasting coffee with the I-roast.  But I have been brewing more coffee in the morning since it takes less time.
  Paul Andres
Mike Chester  wrote:

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