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Topic: inverting the AeroPress (7 msgs / 144 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
SO I have a new aeropress...
If I invert it, how do I not make a lake on my countertop?  Someone please
advise or post the link...
On 6/25/07, Frank Awbrey  wrote:

2) From: Barry Luterman
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Brett I have one on the way. You got one for Father's day from 7 kids. I =
figured my 4 kids could come through for me too. After many hints I got =
a fathers day card. I just ordered an Aeropress for myself. My birthday =
is coming in October. Hear me my ex-dependents and heirs?

3) From: Brett Mason
Oct14 = me...
 ? ? ? = you...
On 6/25/07, Barry Luterman  wrote:

4) From: Demian Ebert
My understanding, and I haven't tried this method yet, is that you put the
plunger into the press, then add the coffee and water while the AP is
standing on the plunger. The plunger creates a seal and it doesn't leak all
over the counter. After the appropriate time, you put the filter and filter
holder in place and quickly invert over your favorite mug. Then press as
usual. There was a more detailed explaination posted a couple of days ago. A
quick search of your gmail archives should turn it up.
On 6/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
Turn it upside down to start with and with the plunger already in the
barrel.  Put the grounds in on top of the plunger rubber seal.  Pour in the
water.  When the brew time is done, put a filter in the holder, screw it on
the barrel end. Now, optionally you may squeeze the air out in this
position, then quickly invert it onto the mug and press it out OR just
invert it quickly onto the mug and press out.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)
On 6/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:

6) From:
I think you guys best hit your local Ace Hardware Store for a real plunger.
Dan, not until 9am tuesday!!!
---- Justin Marquez  wrote: 

7) From: Scott Marquardt
On 6/25/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
First, make a little round berm with silicone sealant in an
unobtrusive location on your countertop, with a radius of 1.25". Next
. . .

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