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Topic: Impatience (6 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: Randall Nortman
If server load on the website has been high today, that's probably my
fault for hitting refresh every 30 seconds to see if those new
Kenyas are up yet.
I mean, get a move on -- it's almost quittin' time here on the East

2) From: Jason
You would think you migrated to a new server or something....  LOL
On 6/29/07, Randall Nortman  wrote:

3) From: Paul Martin
In an e-mail regarding a different question I had, Derek also said if the
Kenya does arrive today, it probably won't be early enough to ship before
they close up until next Thursday. So, enjoy your coffee stash reduction for
a few days. :^)

4) From: Randall Nortman
If y'all just heard an agonized wail coming from the East, sort of
like a banshee being mauled by a tiger, that was me.  No need to dial
9-1-1, I'll be OK.
On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 04:29:00PM -0400, Paul Martin wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
I don't get anywhere near a computer most days until I get home. My boss 
(the guy I roasted with during the job interview) had clear instructions 
to check for the Kenyas during the day. If he wants fresh roasted beans 
every Friday he has to do his share of the work. He promised to call me 
in from the field for a "case conference" if they showed up.

6) From: miKe mcKoffee
That's hilarious! Your "boss" has "clear instructions" from you and must do
his share of the work in order to get his fresh roasted beans each week,
love it:-) 
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