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On a typical work day I grind the coffee of the day for work, usually about
155/160 grams, just before i leave for work. I keep it in a sealed jar until
I am ready to make a pot for myself and they other guys (5 of us now). I
know that in a perfect world I would grind the coffee milliseconds before
actually pouring the hot water onto the grounds, but this is what I have
chosen to do for the daily 'grind'.
Until this morning things were working out pretty good using this method.
However, yesterday I used a Costa RIcan coffee which I roasted about as
close to a city roast as I could guesstimate with my IR2. Guesstimate is a
good discription as I typically run to the FC to FC+ area, but since the
label indicated best at City, I doubtfully hit the cool down feature when it
got to what I guessed to be end of 1st crack. As users of the IR2 know, a
'bonus' feature of this unit is a smidgen of extra roasting after the cool
down option has been selected, so I know I got a little passed the 1st
Excuse my wanderings. My original intent was to inquire about the flavors of
this type roast and coffee after a few hours as a pre ground. Yesterday
morning through to yesterday afternoon the brews (pour over) were as I
anticipated, a bit bright and to my taste a little astringent. Howerver,
this morning, having about enough for a 5 cup brew left over, and being a
tightwade, I finished up the Costa RIcan. The flavor this morning was closer
to the "F" or "M" words (canned that is). Not AS bad, as I recall, but
certainly an undesired taste.
The Question is, Is this typical of this type coffee and roast, or possibly
did I underroast a bit to achieve this?
Oh, and having allowed the cup to cool to room temp. I have lost the
astrigency, but not the brightness.
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

2) From: Brett Mason
I love Costa Rica coffees.  The best coffee I ever roasted was a Costa Rica
"Cafe Vida" but recent years have been less than perfect.  The Central
region - Dota - usually has incredible medium balanced coffees, but with a
dazzling brightness and a wonderfully lingering taste.  The lingering taste
was so good I would wait an hour before another cup...
So if you're not getting that, you're missing on something...  I usually go
Full City + on almost everything - just my way of doing it...
On 7/3/07, TERRY TITSWORTH  wrote:

I'm beginning to think that the difference may be in the type of roaster.
Tom cups his off a Probate, correct? a little closer to the grill method or
commercial roasters than the glorified popcorn popper that the IR2 is.
So if I lean more toward the Full City to Full City plus I may be gettin a
better cup, is that pretty much your thoughts? Typically I order coffees
that recommend the darker roasts, but occationally order the city to city +
coffees to satisfy a couple of the guys at work.
Then again my tasteing abilities have been refined to be able to tell the
difference between Habenaro chiles and vanilla ice cream.
Thanks for the respnse Brett...
On 7/3/07, Brett Mason  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.
(I'm the tall guy in the middle)

4) From: Brett Mason
Hi Terry,
Maybe a darker roast might help a bit.  But maybe, like the Zimbabwe
Dandoni, this might take 4-6 days for the rest to do its thing and make the
coffee great...
Just thinking out loud!
On 7/3/07, TERRY TITSWORTH  wrote:

5) From: Michael Mccandless
I can hear it now . . .
From the sandbox the next morning . . .
On 7/3/07, TERRY TITSWORTH  wrote:

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