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Topic: Microwave Moka Pot? (5 msgs / 83 lines)
1) From: Angelo
Have any of you ever tried this item http://www.storeshop.com/coffee-wave.html? I picked up a brand new 
one in the thrift shop, today, for $2. Although the ad says that it 
is a percolator, I would swear that it's a plastic Moka pot. It has 
all the same parts.
I am unable to try it as I no longer have a microwave.
If any of you have this and have used it, would you be so kind as to 
share your impressions...?

2) From: Dave
It looks interesting, but, I think it would be difficult to make coffee
without having it boil.
Boiled coffee ;-P
Some days...
It's just not worth chewing through the leather straps
On 7/3/07, Angelo  wrote:

3) From: Angelo
Isn't the process of the water heating gradually the same for 
stovetop as it is for microwave? I don't believe that a microwave 
boils water instantaneously. The action, I believe, would be the same 
as on a stovetop. You would have to watch it in the microwave, as you 
would on a stovetop...
In all of these methods, where water rises up through a tube when 
heated, the water will begin its rise long before boiling. This is 
one of the reasons people generally heat the water before putting the 
tube into the water... witness vac pots, as well as Moka pots...

4) From: Larry Johnson
And aren't you microwaving the coffee all during this?
On 7/5/07, Angelo  wrote:
Larry J
Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do
  - Mahatma Gandhi

5) From: Angelo
Possibly...However, the holder into which the coffee is placed has a 
metallic-like surface. I see no reason for this other than to somehow 
"protect" the coffee from the microwaves.
In what way would microwaving coffee be detrimental?? There is a 
roaster on the list who does all his brewing in a microwave.
Ken, do you wanna weigh in on this?

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