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Topic: Shopping cart? (7 msgs / 113 lines)
1) From: Vicki Smith
I tried to order 24# of coffee this AM--sent to Canada. The only 
shipping options I was offered were UPS--with the cheapest at almost 
$90. Now, I assume I could split it up and get two flat rate boxes, but 
I was wondering if this was only happening to International shipping, or 
if the shopping cart is pooched.

2) From: Aaron
We'll have to wait for Tom for an 'official' reply but from sending 
stuff to canada myself,  umm yeah... postage is a LOT higher 
unfortunately.   Something that I can send in the states for a few bucks 
is almost 20 to send up there.   It's that international thing going on :(

3) From: Vicki Smith
I've been ordering from SM for several years, and I generally pay about 
$2 a pound for postage. That's acceptable. Close to $4, not so much. I 
will divide into 12# packs and get the Hold for Harvey International 
(Priority Mail International) sort of thing if that is the only 
reasonable alternative now that the rates have changed. I guess it would 
mean getting two 2# packs of some stuff, rather than one 5#, but I could 
live with that.
Aaron wrote:

4) From: Vicki Smith
PS: USPS was NOT showing up at all, that is part of the issue.
Aaron wrote:

5) From: RK
I have not checked Toms page but I send all my drums USPS outside the 48 US. 
Its not cheap but it is less expensive then UPS. I have not priced FedEx but 
assume it is still more expensive then USPS.
Dividing it into 2 12lb boxes may be the answer.
Tom could still send one box USPS priority mail but its not on his shopping 
cart and he would have to do it at the post office or online, extra work.

6) From: Brian Kamnetz
I tried to order Monday. I intended to use the USPS flat rate, but it didn't
show up (though USPS Priority Mail did). I emailed and Maria responded:
Thanks for your note. You ought to be able to select this option if you have
just green coffee in the cart.  Adding bags or other merchandise will cause
the flat rate option to disappear. If you just have coffee in the cart and
it still does not come up - just email me the coffees you want- and I can
type up the order for you.
 I am sure we have current information for you on file.
Incidentally, I was trying to order an 8# sampler and 4 additional pounds,
for a total of 12# of greens, and nothing else.
On 7/8/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

7) From: Cameron Forde
Hi Vicki,
I recently ordered 40 lbs to be shipped to Canada and was shocked that
the rates had gone up by about 85% (an order for 40 lbs placed in
April was $41.65 for shipping while my last order was $78.10).  I had
the same problem that you had where shipping by USPS didn't show up
initially.  I e-mailed Maria (info) and she was very
quick to respond.  The next time I checked the USPS option was there.
On 7/8/07, Vicki Smith  wrote:

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