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Topic: Best Grill for my new 6# RK (8 msgs / 316 lines)
1) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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Ok I have bought a 6# drum from RK 
From all you other RK users out there can you tell me from what you now
know what do you all recommend for my grill to go with it?
I know the 35000 BTU but what else should I be looking for? 
If you had to go and buy a grill tomorrow for your RK what would you

2) From: The Dunaways
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FWIW, I have the Tuscany Grill from Costco and I'm really happy with it.  I=
 only have the smaller drum, but it has more than enough power to do the la=
rger drum.  HTH.
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Best Grill for my new 6# RK
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FWIW, I have the Tuscany Grill from Costco and I'm really happy with =
it.  I only have the smaller drum, but it has more than enough power t=
o do =
the larger drum.  HTH.

3) From: Eddie Dove
I asked this question of Ron Kyle a while back and he approved the reprint
then and added some comments at that time:
From Ron Kyle ...
here is my opinion, 4lbs 36K minimum 45K better.
I still like the Brinkman 45K in the tub and 12K on the side burner,
same price, sold at wal mart.
Research 45K will use less gas to get the job done.
I have a 36K and 4 lbs maxes it out to get done in 20 to 22 min.
I like grills that have a low profile hood like the Webber and the
Brinkman, Cadilac verses Chevrolet cost wise.
Additional comments from Ron ...
Its OK. [about my publishing Ron's comments above]
 I noticed that the new charbroil 25-30K no longer have a slot for a spit
rod. If Iwas to replace my fiesta I would buy a Brinkman Pro series sold at
Wal-Mart for $199http://snipurl.com/pmf345K in the tub and 12K side burner.
Hope this is okay again, Ron ...
With the 6 lb drum, I genuinely believe that you want more umph than 35,000
BTUs.  The grill I am using is a 48,000 BTU 4-burner Char-Broil.  I am still
using my 4 lb RK Drum, but I do have the 6 lb RK Drum waiting to go in there
... just as soon as I get the time!
Last week, I did my first 4 lb roast (Guatemala Huehuetenango) in the 4 lb
RK Drum and finished the roast at 21 minutes and 30 seconds.  I gave some
away to customer and asked for evaluation and they really liked it, but I am
hoping the 6 lb drum will reduce times a bit.
With this size of a batch, you must scale your cooling capacity / ability
accordingly.  You must be able to STOP the roast.  This was a challenge on
the 4lb batch with my current cooling setup.  I really need to get some of
those furnace blowers and make a Grand Slam Cooler like RayO's.
Hope this helps ...
Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
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4) From: raymanowen
"Recycling" or "Metal recycling/ recyclers" in the Yellow Pages.
I paid $2 for the 3spd blower from a 120K BTUH natural gas furnace. Drat- I
could have had it all for cheap !!! I was buying food for the birds and
fuzzies in the area and saw a fork truck loading the furnaces in a metal
I stopped the guy and got the blower out of the last one, while plans for a
cooler using my screen mesh colander were flashing across in the belfry.
Wurks good, to say the least.
I'm using nothing but the blower on its side with the screen mesh colander
sitting in an intake venturi. With the blower running, the beans stop
cooking in seconds when I dump them in the colander, and they're dead cold
in a few more seconds.
When I find more blowers, I'll snag a couple and put a tradition offering or
two together.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?

5) From: RK
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Best Grill for my new 6# RKDennis I like the Brinkman or charm Glow =
(made my Brinkman) 45K under $200 3 burners and low hood profile.
Good luck with larger drum and let me know if I can be of any help.

6) From: Homeroaster
A barrel type smoker with a vent pipe.  I'd add the propane controls and
burners from a used grill.http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productIdD754-000001646-2121Or maybe something similar but a tad bit smaller.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"http://www.homeroaster.com*********************

7) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Ok if I don't have a "left over" pieces parts for this how much does a
conversion cost?
I've always used charcoal in the past never messed with the propane
FC1(SW/AW) Dennis W. True
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8) From: Homeroaster
I dunno.  I personally would try to find a discarded grill with the controls 
I needed and go from there.  Probably need to buy a new burner since that's 
probably the biggest reason they get tossed.
I don't see why you couldn't continue with charcoal if that's what you're 
used to.  The one sold at Lowe's has an adjustable height charcoal bed like 
the more expensive ones.
Ed Needham®
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