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Topic: Old Brown at City roast (36 lines)
1) From: Matt Henry
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The light roast, stopped at
just before second crack, was not enough.  The next
morning after the roast, the flavor was sour, green and
grassy.  It left an astringent taste on my tongue.  I
knew I'd have to go darker.


I know what you mean about roasting the Aged Java at a lighter roast.  While I don't necessarily get the "green grassy" myself, I experience an interesting butteriness thing at a City roast stage of the stuff.  I find that I like it, sure enough--even though it can become a bit boring after awhile.  Like you, I find my favorite roast of this bean at just into 2nd crack stage, about a Full City on the darker side.  I too get the nuttiness aspect albeit a bit more than the citrus.  I also managed to squeak a little more from SM's myself and I'm going to slowly dole it out over time ; )

One thing though--the Aged Java has me interested in attempting to just sit on and age other beans at home myself just to see what will happen in terms of aroma and flavor (like, I can imagine salivating over Aged Yemen for instance!!)  Is anyone fooling around with their own aging program?  Or is this home hobby too new for most of us?  I relish your input about aging (even though I've read what Kenneth Davids says in his book on home roasting about air circulation, humidity, burlap, etc.)  Is anyone trying this so far?

Roast on. Matt Henry  

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