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Topic: NYC field trip - headcount (12 msgs / 254 lines)
1) From: Mike Koenig
Just to get an idea of who is actually coming on the NYC field trip,
could whoever is planning on going tomorrow respond to this message
(or e-mail me off-list and I'll post a summary).  I'd hate to leave
someone behind if we move on to another place before you get there.

2) From: Angelo
I'm in (maybe 2). 10:30 at Grumpy's, right?

3) From: john nanavati
i'm good (obviously) - only 1.  grumpy at 10.30 sounds fine.
On 7/13/07, Angelo  wrote:
John Nanavati, DHI, CIT
Plainfield, New Jersey

4) From: Amy Bailey
Me!  One person, I'm shooting for 10:30, but might join later, have both
cell numbers, will call to find where the party has drifted to, if not there
on time.
On 7/13/07, john nanavati  wrote:

5) From: Mike Koenig
OK Amy,  just call when you arrive, and we'll let you know where we
can be found.
See everyone either inside or in front of Cafe Grumpy at 10:30.  I'm
fairly tall, and will be carrying a knapsack, if that helps to pick me
See you tomorrow!
On 7/13/07, Amy Bailey  wrote:

6) From: dvarona
I don't believe I missed this. I knew it was happening in the background =
but I was focusing on a new condo purchase.
I live in NYC and haven't been to any of the cafes for espresso, and I wa=
sn't doing anything Saturday. I could even have helped out with giving lo=
cation and direction advice. And it would have been great to meet other a=
ficionados AND get some great "affirmation" of what I like or not.
Espresso has always been one of those things that I don't want to invest =
in because it's so pricey to do it right, but I don't want to buy $2000 o=
f equipment just to find it's not for me. My experience with Starbucks et=
 al. is that it's overblown, and I would love to have the opportunity to =
confirm or refute it. Most espresso I have at restaurants or whatnot is t=
hat it's unpleasant, and every time I order it I wind up confirming that =
I don't really like it.
Yet so many people here rave about what a wonderful thing it is, I have t=
o think I'm missing out. Having a group tell me they liked it but I didn'=
t would be useful, and if I did like it, then that would open new possibi=
Don't get me wrong, I'm having mucho enjoyamento with my other forms of b=
uying, roasting, and brewing coffee. Sweet Maria's has opened a new dimen=
sion for me. I should have paid enough attention to watch this door openi=
ng as well.
t there
scribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

7) From: raymanowen
The Chinese are far more astute than we credit them- at least the operators
of the *$ in the Forbidden City saw the light...
John, of Baroness Coffee on Ironton St., near the former Stapleton Airplane
Patch in Denver, asked if he could pull me a shot, his treat. Oh, My! What a
Treat. He made it look as simple as falling off a log. What a double shot of
crema that settled down into an espresso drink. It was roasted in situ by
I've never pulled such crema in my short espresso life. The flavor and aroma
of the Kona roast miKe sent me was better, especially after I switched from
a SMP to grind the first couple of shots, to a Mazzer Major with new burrs
after two weeks. I imagined the ill bred burrs in the SMP were too erratic
for an espresso grind, and an insult to miKe's roasting efforts. The results
were incontrovertible, as they say.
Sarah has some of the Company wheels visiting her Cherry Creek Sharper Image
store in the next few days, and she wants to demo their new Melitta 10C
automatic coffee maker. I think I'll roast a fresh batch of Ethiopian Harar
for her- it was beyond fabulous as a Steinway with a few seconds' rest last
The suits are coming tomorrow, so I'll roast tonight in the ROster.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"The indisputable truth is, no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh roasted" -
-Martin Diedrich

8) From: Amy Bailey
We might manage to have another gathering someday, it was lots of fun!  As
far as espresso, try it at several different places.  I have tried
several/many, here and in Italy, and I have just had to recognize that I
enjoy milky drinks more.  As far as coffee is concerned, I only started
really liking coffee when I had it fresh roasted.  And now I like it very
much.  :)
On 7/16/07, dvarona  wrote:

9) From: Mike Koenig
If you want to try straight shots, hit Cafe Grumpy first.  Out of the
three places we went, they had (in my opinion) the best tasting
straight shot.  The others seemed to be roasted a bit too dark, or
their blend was geared for milk drinks maybe.   All took great care in
preparing each shot though.
Though, if I had a place that could pull a shot like that within
walking distance, I'd probably never have started roasting.
Hopefully we will do it again,  and you can join us next time.
On 7/16/07, dvarona  wrote:

10) From: Angelo
I thought the field trip was a bunch of fun...Everyone seemed to get 
along, even with all that caffeine cursing through our veins...
I arrived a bit late, so I didn't try out Mr. Grumpy's. I stopped in 
there on the way back with Amy, but I was too buzzed to have another 
anything. One of the baristi was raving about Tom's abilities as a 
cupper and recommended Sweetmaria's site. He does some homeroasting himself...
Of the two drinks I had in the other places I enjoyed the Americano 
in Joe's, but I thought that the Ninth St Machiatto was a bit bitter. 
I don't usually drink espressi straight except at Sicaffe (which was 
not on our list), where I find them smooth and "sweet".
The list seems to have been down, so I guess we'll hear from the 
others real soon...

11) From: Jerry Procopio
After our trip north for the weekend we are back home in Virginia and 
settled in again.  We drove up to New Jersey Friday and spent the 
weekend with our friend Lill.  After some coordination we decided to 
meet John Nanavati at his home and go to the nearby train station from 
there.  My caffeine day started with a Puro Scuro shot pulled from 
John's Vetrano Rotary.  My, my, what a nice machine and what a nice shot 
too.  The four of us (John, my friend Lill, my wife Mickie and myself) 
made our way to the train station for the beginning of our train and 
coffee adventure.  We had to change trains at NJ Penn Station.  After a 
quick walking tour of NJ Penn, we discovered that we had already been on 
the correct track when we got off the train from the Netherwood Station. 
  We made it back to the right track in plenty of time and caught the 
train from NJ Penn to NY Penn Station where we had to catch the subway. 
Eight million people in the naked city and no one knew where we needed 
to go to get a day pass for the subway.  The woman at the Amtrak 
Information booth only answers Amtrak questions.  I think she was in 
need of coffee.  We finally made our way to the subway after getting 
directions and information from a very nice National Guardsman that was 
on duty at the train station and we were on our way again.  GOD BLESS 
After a short subway ride and a short walk, we arrived at Cafe Grumpy to 
find that at 10:30 (our agreed meeting time) they were having a coffee 
cupping which was open to the public and which we could participate in. 
  They had a young man there from 49th Parallel Roasters in Vancouver 
BC.  He had four coffees with him, surprisingly roasted 4 days earlier. 
  Mike Koenig met up with us there and joined in on the cupping.  After 
the cupping we each tried an espresso - or I should say double 
ristretto.  Quite nice.  Grumpy's also has two Clover machines which we 
were able to observe in action.  A very nice machine indeed.  Angelo met 
up with us outside Grumpys and we proceeded to *Joe, the art of coffee* 
on 13th St.  By now the caffeine had kicked in on me so I opted for an 
iced coffee instead of another espresso.  John's sister and friend met 
up with us there and we commandeered about 25% of the chairs in the 
place and enjoyed our drinks.
After Joe, we opted for lunch and found a place called Sal Anthony's 
Lanza.  Nice lunch menu.  Appetizer and entree or entree and dessert for 
$12.95.  Amy Bailey met up with us there and we had a nice leisurely 
lunch and were out of there for $16 per person including tip.  On to 
Ninth Street Espresso (on 13th).  This espresso cafe is a bit more 
simple than the other two - one barista working alone.  Had another 
espresso there which was nice, but not nearly as good as the one at 
Grumpy's (nor the Puro Scuro at John's).
Thanks to John for planting the seed that got this started, getting 
others interested, inviting us to your home, sharing, and making this 
happen.  Thanks to Angelo for taking over Tour Guide services while we 
were in the city.  A train adventure, a coffee cupping experience, 3 
espresso cafe's, lunch in the City - what more could one ask for.  It 
was nice meeting Mike K and Amy too.  New friends - all part of the 
*coffee journey*.  It's a 6 1/2 hour drive from here to Northern NJ, but 
if we ever do this again, count me in!
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
dvarona wrote:

12) From: Amy Bailey
I got a bounce message, sorry if you get this twice:
It was fun, it was great seeing faces to match with the e-mails.  :)  I only
caught the second half of caffeine crawl, but the lunch at the Italian
restaurant (Lanza's) was great, and so was 9th Street Espresso.  They
started off the day at Grumpy's, so I went there with Angelo when the rest
were catching their trains home, and I enjoyed that as well.  Jerry gave us
all some of his roasted coffee, the weather was great, what more can you ask
for?  I love NY, I love coffee, and it was great meeting people.
On 7/18/07, Amy Bailey  wrote:

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