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1) From: Kevin
My wife ground some flavored Green Mountain in my SMP this past week!!!  We
recently moved into a new home and my coffee roasting equipment and supplies
have just recently been unpacked.  My last pound of Indian Mysore Nuggets
Extra Bold have distinct artificial French Vanilla notes in the cup!!
Yuck!!!  Any suggestions on how to thoroughly clean the SMP?  I was
considering replacing the burrs and housing altogether and running Clean Caf
through the TV Moccamaster CD along with banning my wife from using the
grinder and Technivorm until further notice!
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2) From: Les
I would tell my wife that she just inherited the SMP for her coffee and
because of the contamination, you are going to have to buy a Mazzer Mini so
that there wouldn't be any confusion over which grinder is for your coffee.
On 7/13/07, Kevin  wrote:

3) From: Thomas Pfau
Kevin wrote:
That's (cough) grounds (cough) for divorce!  Or at least a good excuse to
upgrade your grinder.

4) From: bob grauberger
Can you run a cup of uncooked rice through it? That should remove the 
flavors from the burrs. If any remains, continue until clear.
Bob ~ Parker CO
Yuck!!!  Any suggestions on how to thoroughly clean the SMP?  I was 
considering replacing the burrs and housing altogether and running Clean Caf 
through the TV Moccamaster CD along with banning my wife from using the 
grinder and Technivorm until further notice!
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5) From: Brett Mason
Do you need a recommendation for a divorce attorney?
On 7/13/07, Kevin  wrote:

6) From:
just roast some junk and run it through (a few times) the grinder, sans any vanilla!!
---- Kevin  wrote: 

7) From: Jim Anable
Kevin wrote:
I purchased a used Gaggia MDF that came smelling like flavored coffee.  
I disassembled it and cleaned everything I could.  Removable parts that 
were small enough, including burrs, went in an ultrasonic cleaner.  I 
wasn't able to taste flavor after that point, but it did take a week or 
so before all hint of smell was out of it.

8) From: Eric A. Duvall
On Jul 13, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Jim Anable   

9) From: Brett Mason
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10) From: Eddie Dove
I gotta echo Les' sentiments here.  Make her use the old Mr. Coffee for that
flavored stuff.
For the grinder, if you are going to start with rice, I would use Minute
Rice because regular rice may put undue strain on the motor and other
plastic pieces (plastic burr carrier, I think ... could be
"rong").  Definitely recommend disassembling as much as possible to clean.
A dental pick is often useful.
You may also want to use some Oxyclean in the filterbasket and let the
carafe's funnel top sit in there as well.  It can't hurt to run the CleanCaf
through the Technivorm.  Under the filterbasket, be sure to remove the
"lever and stopper" (be careful not to lose the spring).  Scrub that rubber
stopper with a toothbrush and clean the wall around the drain hole of the
filterbasket with a cotton swab ... you would be surprised just how much
coffee accumulates there.  Thread a paper towel through the funnel of the
carafe top until it is tight and twist so that it will "scrape" the inside
of the funnel ... a good bit accumulates in there too.
Everclear is a great
surface stripper and leaves no residue; it works great as a degreaser.  I'm
not sure what it would do to the surface of plastic, but I hear it has other
uses as well.  ;-)
Hope this helps ...
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11) From: dvarona
For the grinder at least, is also Grindz grinder cleaner that Sweet Maria=
's and others sell. I have no personal experience using it, but they clai=
m it removes flavored coffee taint and is better than rice. (I did get a =
free sample for filling out a questionnaire, but haven't used it yet and =
certainly haven't had to de-flavor my grinder.)
Just an idea, if you haven't heard of it yet.

12) From: Woody DeCasere
like other said run minute rice through than some coffee you dont really
care about then minute rice again, buy the cheapest you can find since al
parboiled rice is the same so save some money. I bought a used 3 lb grinder
off of eBay and unknown to me it had been used for flavored coffee so i
washed everything i could remove with simple green and then dish soap, then
i used canned air to blow out the ginding burrs, after that i did the
rice-coffee-rice and it was great.
On 7/13/07, Eddie Dove  wrote:
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